Menstruation Facts | Least Known Facts about Menstruation Cycles which people Don’t Know

Menstruation – a topic that is least talked about or is avoided by many of us. Menstruation is a phase in every girl’s life which starts nearly at the age of 8-10 years commonly known as puberty and lasts around the age of 40-45 years which is termed as menopause.

Menstruation is nature’s way to tell a woman that she is growing up in a perfect way, as a healthy woman.

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It should be a moment of happiness in a female’s life which is commonly not celebrated of course. Currently, over 800 million are menstruating which is a huge number in itself. But still after getting so much modernization people to treat it like a dirty secret which is kept hidden like a big deal. Girls since ages are taught certain rules like how to keep it hidden from boys while buying. Ask female pharmacists in a chemist shop and ask them to pack in a non-transparent bag so no one can see what it is.

When something is nature’s gift, then why there is a need to being ashamed or hiding it??

Anyways, the arguments are never-ending in this case. What I have brought to you are certain facts that are lesser-known to most of the people about menstruation.

⦁  Amount of Blood Lost During Periods

On average a female loses around 40-50 ml of blood during her periods which is around 2-3 tablespoon. It is a bit difficult to believe but yes normally the amount of blood is this much only rest it also contains uterine tissues, thickened endometrial cells, and blood clots which adds up in the volume of total discharge.

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Many females also have heavy periods in which around 80ml of blood is lost. It’s scary to know the details but a woman bears all this every month so be a bit more polite and kind next time while communicating to them as they might be bearing some terrible pain.

⦁  Amount Spent on Menstrual Products by a Woman

A female goes through around 400-period cycles in her entire life. On average a female spends 13$ on menstrual products per month which is equals approximately 5200$ during her entire life. If we compare this amount to our other expenses of daily life, it is negligible and even if it is not, must not hesitate in spending some money on these things as menstrual hygiene is way more important.

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One must avoid using dirty rugs, newspapers, leaves, etc, and must use sanitary napkins which is their right as well.

⦁  Effect of Changing Seasons on Periods

Changing seasons do have a great impact on your period cycles. As the season changes the intensity of pain, amount of flow, the length of each period everything goes under a change.

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For example, the length of periods in generally longer in winters than it is in summers. And there are various other factors that influence the changes in cycles like your body weight, our metabolic rate, your diet, and your daily activities, so on.

⦁  Myths about Tampons and Virginity

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It is a common myth among people that using a tampon or menstrual cup will steal their virginity by breaking their hymen which is absolutely false. And is still there is some fear in your mind regarding this try having a consultation with a gynecologist and get all the clarifications.

⦁  Menstruation takes how much time of a Woman’s Life

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A woman menstruates for around 5-7 days every month in her lifetime which is calculated on an average sum up to approximately 7 years. Yes, you read it right – a woman goes through this traumatic pain and pad changing process for 7 years of her life along with the tantrums that society makes her bear.

⦁  Serious Infections can occur if Menstrual Hygiene is Neglected

As per a survey, one of every three girls in the world do not have excess to menstrual products leading to their poor menstrual hygienic conditions because they are forced to use mud, dirty rags, dried cow dung cakes, ash, wood husks, newspaper during periods which make me feel awful!

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This is among the top 5 reasons for women's deaths in the world and can you even imagine outing these things while bleeding. Try to help the females around you and save their life.

⦁  Periods made us win an Oscar

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Rayka Zehtabchi directed a short film Period, End Of Sentence which portrays the condition of Indian women fighting the periods stigma and social obligations, while a group of a local woman manufactures low-cost biodegradable pads leaving a strong message for every woman out there. This made the short film with so powerful message receive the best documentary award at the 91st Academy Awards, known as the Oscars.

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