Travel safety tips for every traveller

Whether it is near or far, travel has so many benefits. It gives us an eye-opening practical experience when the world is around us. Sometimes, travel can also change your life. But travel also comes with so many dangerous risks.

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Here is a list of some of the most important travel safety tips that can help you in planning your travel.

📍  Know the emergency phone numbers

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This is one of the most important travel safety tips that you should know. Look for the emergency services number for your destination before you reach there. You can collect those numbers from the nearest embassy. Write those numbers in your copy pad or you can also save it on your phone so that you can access them in your emergency.

📍  Use the right bag

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Pickpocketing or bag snatching is a common problem for tourists. To prevent it, you can use a cross-body bag rather than the handbags as it may prevent grabbing of this bag when anyone is passing by. You can find a variety of bags for travelers such as slash-proof straps, locking zippers, RFID blockers, etc. So know the right bag for traveling and invest in it. 

📍  Email your itinerary with friends or family

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When you are going outside traveling, let your family and friends know it too. In that case, you can take the help of emails. Write down your full itinerary and send it to your friends and family and of course don't miss checking if they have received it or not. In this way, if you cannot connect them sometimes, then they can take help from the local authorities and embassy. 

📍  Learn basic self-defense

This is basic self-defense, not black belt skills. You can find many institutes who teach about learning self-defense classes. They can give you ideas about some street effective styles just like Krav Maga or Muay Thai.

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After you learn it, try to get a practical sense of it. If you see that a person with a knife wants your phone, then don't hesitate to give it. You should force only when your life is threatened and you don't have any other option.

📍  Food and water safety

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Traveling outside the country may come with food poisoner issues. To maintain hygiene issues when eating foods, find a good restaurant with long lines. Don't miss to follow how the food is made. Go for only fully cooked food especially when you are traveling abroad after Covid-19. You are also recommended to carry a filtered water bottle to avoid water issues.

📍  Keep track of your health

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Before you pack your bag for traveling, make sure to keep a good supply of over the counter medicines and other essentials like sickness pills, pain killers, probiotics, bug repellant, etc. You can also contact your doctor for the necessary vaccination. Make sure that you have an extra pack of these medicines, that you may need in case of the intended length of travel. 

📍  Remember the taxi number

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When you will take a taxi during your traveling, don't miss taking a note about the taxi number. This is also a good idea to keep a snapshot or picture of the taxi number and send it to any of your friends. This habit is not only good but also it can help you in many ways. If you accidentally leave any of your valuable belongings there, it will help you to track the taxi. 

📍  Use a VPN and protect yourself from hackers

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Nowadays, people feel heaven when they get free WiFi. Do you know that free WiFi can put you at risk of hackers?

If any public WiFi doesn't have password protection, don't connect your laptop or mobile with that, as personal information can be collected by the third party.

In that case, the VPN or Virtual Private Network can be a good way to avoid this problem. In the VPN paid to service, your virtual activity will be encrypted and the IP address will not be intercepted by other people. 

I hope these travel safety tips will help you a lot when you are traveling. With these all universal and tried tips will make you more confident and feel you secured during your travel. Follow these and travel safely. 

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