Top Fitness Apps to Use for Workout from the Comfort Zone of Your Home

Staying fit when you don’t want to go to any gyms or fitness centers due to xyz reasons like high fees, busy schedules, or anything else while you love to workout becomes a big deal. In the current scenarios, when the lifestyles have changed drastically, food habits have gone under a drastic change workout or exercises are becoming the need of the time. 

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The simplest of workout sessions done by you will do an awesome job for you only, this will enhance your immunity, boost metabolism, make you feel better and full of energy, and most importantly add a few more years to your life.

Regardless of your age, sex, or physical ability, exercise is beneficial for one and all and you even can’t ignore the health benefits of regular exercise.

Online workout apps are the practical solution of almost all the problems for those who love to workout but somehow can’t go to gyms. These are almost half the price or even free, and all you need to do is simply download them on your pc/laptop or mobile phone and get started with your fitness goals.

Below is the list of a few best fitness apps that you can opt.

The Glow Girl Tales

This app was launched by Somya Luhadia, a very young fitness influencer with a huge family from all over the globe. This app can be downloaded via a direct link - GGT App. GGT will make you very like you have a personal trainer at your home as per your time schedules.

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This app is best for those who believe in themselves and transform themselves. She has many programs in different categories. She is also on Instagram and Youtube.

Nike Training Club

This app from Nike will fulfill your needs of cardio without needing a treadmill and surely you will love the app.

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There are various forms of workout available on this platform including circuit training, weight training, and body-weight training making a total count of 160 different workouts. The best part about the app is it is free and easy to use.


This app was launched by Kayla Itsines, a fitness influencer and her other fitness influencers also joined her. This app can also be downloaded on apple watch for the convenience of users.

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Sweat will make you feel like you have a personal trainer at your home as per your time schedules. This app is best for those who want to learn how to use the gym machines properly, you will get written and video instruction for every exercise will make your weekly meal plans and yoga programs as well.
Youtube - SWEAT

Beach Body on Demand

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From yoga to hip-hop, this app has everything for everyone to suit their moods. Here you can even choose the workout for which you have time like from 10 to even 90 minutes of rigorous sessions. It will record your previous workout session for your track record and there are different trainers to help you through the workout sessions.

Tone It Up 

This app will work as your own digital studio. You can choose workout for you from the library of already uploaded ones or can opt those which are regularly updated.

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Tone It Up has a wide range of choices for you like you can have group workout sessions or can go for individual one, can go ahead with kickboxing or yoga, or anything in between as well. 
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Daily Burn

This app will help you out with a structured workout plan. It has a wide range of workout plans for you and additionally it can build workout plans as per your fitness goals.

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If you are unable to join the live classes then you can stream the recorded ones as per your workout schedule. Daily burn offers a free trial, professional trainers, different length workout sessions, and a range of workout styles.
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The most loved workout program on this app is extended barre, and it has a total of five different programs for you. You can easily stream the content on your TV, laptop, tablet, or phone.

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The app has something for everyone and open fit also helps with on-demand classes in many styles including Pilates, stretching, running, and cardio. One interesting fact about this app is you can turn on the camera while taking your class and your trainer can give you personalized advice.
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This app is a great choice for those who love meditation, yoga, and Pilates and is commonly known as Yoga Glo. You will get a great choice here with around 50 different teachers and 3700 different workout sessions. There are filters available that can help you in sorting out what you actually looking for with ease.
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Whether you looking to get in shape or seeking some peace for your mind, body, and soul without facing the hassle of offline classes, there is always a solution provided by the digital world.

Hope the list that I have shared with you will help you out to get started with your fitness motivation from the comfort of your home itself.

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