Eye Health and Good Eyesight | Tips to Preserve Good Eyesight and for Good Eye Health

EyeSight is considered to be one of the most important among the five senses and eyes are considered as the window to one’s soul. Having healthy eyes means perfect vision and clear eyes with no pain in them.

Good eye health is the key behind your excellent performance in all spheres of life whether its home, work, or anything else.

It is a proven fact that your overall health may get benefitted if you take proper care of your eyes. People with poor vision are more prone to diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, depression, etc. in comparison to those who have good eye health. Eyes play a vital role in visual data collection and are responsible for managing proper synchronization between mind and body.

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Till now you must have understood that it’s a foolish thing to take your eyes for granted. Follow the subsequent tips to keep a check on your peepers and keep them healthy.

Eat Well Nutritious Food – 

In your diet, include items that are rich in antioxidants as healthy and nutritious food is the most important thing for healthy eyes. You can include food items like green leafy vegetables, eggs, spinach, oranges, carrots, beans, kale, salmon, milk cheese, poultry, etc. which are rich sources of vitamin A, Beta Carotene, Omega-3, and Zinc.

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Also include food items that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids which is responsible for the health of the macula, the part of the eye responsible for central vision.

Quit Smoking – 

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Smoking makes you more viable to get cataracts, can cause damage to your optic nerve, and even macular degeneration and prone to other medical problems. I hope it now makes sense to you to kick off this habit which is harmful to your overall health and more you will try to quit, there is more scope of succeeding in leaving the habit sooner.

Wear Goggles/ Sunglasses – 

Sunglasses can protect your eyes very effectively from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Before choosing a pair of goggles for you, make sure it blocks 99% to 100% of UVA and UVB rays as intense UV exposure increase the chances of cataracts and macular degeneration.

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Also, the use of the sunglasses will block the drying effects of the wind and it will reduce the harmful and hot sun rays effects on your eyes. So, make sure to wear sunglasses every time before leaving your house.

Keep Your Surrounding Clean and Hygienic - 

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When there are dust and dirt around you, your eyes start itching and irritated. In order to make sure that your eyes don’t feel pressurized or irritated, keep the surrounding that you visit frequently clean, workplace clutter-free and your home dirt free. Keep washing the towels and napkins on a regular basis.

Take a Pause While Working/Reading - 

Continuous exposure to anything cause tiredness and itching in the eyes, in order to avoid this take a small break after every 30 minutes of work or reading, look away from the screen or book at some distant object or close your eyes and let them rest for a while.

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You can set a reminder for this in your smartphones; this will help you to keep your eyes safe from tiredness and strain. Try closing your eyes for a minute amid your work and feel the relaxing power you get to feel in your eyes.

Clean Make-up Before Going to Bed – 

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Sleeping with make-up on can cause severe damage to your eyes and skin both. When even small pieces of make-up are leftover on the eyes it can result in scratching up of the cornea. So never forget to wipe off the makeup before going to bed every night.

Avoid Rubbing Eyes & Wash Hands Frequently –

Hands are the main source of dirt and bacteria, so it’s better to avoid rubbing your eyes again and again which can actually transfer all the dirt and dust in your eyes causing irritation and infection in your eyes. You can opt for cleaning them water instead of rubbing them with hands.

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And if you can’t resist yourself from doing so, then get in habit of washing your hands frequently to prevent the dirt and bacteria from reaching into your eyes.

Another way to keep a check on your eye health is to go for eye checkups on a regular basis. When you know the importance of your eyes than make sure to take care of them properly and keep it at utmost priority always.

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