Keeping a Journal | Know the Powerful Benefits of Writing a Journal or Diary

The art of keeping a journal, commonly known as writing a diary among the youngsters is not something which is new. In general, when people think of “journaling”, they picture a young girl/boy, lying on the bed with feet waving through the air and writing feelings about his/her crush in a diary but in reality, there are varieties of the reason why people choose to keep a journal for them.

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Keeping a journal necessarily doesn’t need any specific reason; one simple reason for noting down your thoughts on paper is more than enough. You may find multiple types of journals that people keep, from travel journals to goal journals, to memories journals, one can write yours about anything and even everything.

There are various benefits of keeping a journal or diary including the health benefits but the most important advantage of writing it is it helps you in creating, experimenting, and managing various parts of your life.

I have written journals for years for various aspects of my life and frankly saying it is my favorite writing practice.

In this small piece of writing, I will try to explain why you should start keeping one and hope to get you convinced.

⦁  Helps in Better Brainstorming

The benefit of writing a journal is that it will help you to keep all of your ideas in one place when you have a habit of overthinking everything that it makes you forget where you were and what you were thinking about.

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Journal will help you to keep a track of your thoughts, so it is better to jot down everything that comes in your mind and think about them and look for connections and conclusions which can lead to better ideas and results.

⦁  Helps in Reducing Stress

When you write down your feelings, it serves the purpose of releasing the toxicity from your mind and soul and do the much-needed cleaning of your thoughts without putting much effort.

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The words that you pour on paper let the anxiety, frustrations, and pain come out which in turn reduces the stress. Expressing yourself makes you tension free and feel lighter.

⦁  It Becomes Your Personal Therapist

Journaling makes you write honestly every feeling and thought you have whether pleasant or unpleasant it is as here you know there is no one to judge you.

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It accepts everything whatever you vent out about everyone, which lets you calm down and relax, and further when you read your own thoughts and feelings you understand the things with a better perspective.

⦁  Improves Vocabulary and Enhances Writing Skills 

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The more you keep on writing, the better you become at it as the saying says practice makes a man perfect. When you start keeping a journal it will help you in becoming more proficient at your communication skills and will improvise vocab super impressively.

⦁  Helps in Improving Your Memory 

When you write down your thoughts and ideas, your brain makes a stronger connection with those ideas and it becomes easier for you to recall them. It becomes quite easy for your brain to keep all the information safe and further utilize it when needed.

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Let your brain roll out those amazing ideas and thoughts on a piece of paper and keep your memory and mind growing.

⦁  Writing a Journal Boosts Your Mood

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Journaling can prove to be your sunshine on any rainy day. Writing a diary or journal imparts a sense of overall emotional well-being and happiness and can improve your mood in seconds. As you let your emotion come down on paper, your tension, plans, or goals; it gives you a sense of letting go of some burden and sets you free. 

There are various methods of keeping a journal these days, you can keep your journal online or you can opt for offline one, can go ahead with business journaling, personal journaling, or anything you want. For knowing more benefits of keeping a journal or diary, start keeping one!

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