Explore the extravaganza of the Southern delight Kodaikanal

One of the coziest hill-stations of the Dindigul district of Tamil Nadu is Kodaikanal.  It is located above 7000 feet high with a dynamic view of lush full of trees, high ranging waterfalls, gushing out of the river water, popular Kodaikanal Eucalyptus, and homemade yummlicious chocolates. The pleasant weather is one of all the finest features which are loved by travelers.

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Best time to visit Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal is best explored in the early summer until the month of October.  In fact, the weather seems to be extremely chilling during the month of December which makes it hard for the traveler to explore the place. A 2 days trip is perfect to see the enchanting view of Kodaikanal.

Things you should not miss out at Kodaikanal

Night Safari

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This is an Adventure of a Lifetime offering the fanatic a traveler like you a thrilling peak experience of the natural fauna which is the home of Kodaikanal wildlife. A wide range of animals are observed here, including the bison, porcupines, and wild boars.

Kodaikanal Lake

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This is one of the most attractive features of this place. Take a Misty Boat Ride to explore the top other places to see in Kodaikanal. This place is completely enchanting and a bit chilly weather makes it different from all. 

Coaker’s Walk

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A hilltop with a beautiful trail to walk and explore the magic of the Kodaikanal will add to your lifetime experience. It opens from 7 am to 7 pm and you can enjoy the uphill by walking through the beautifully constructed path with awe-inspiring and breathtaking marvelous views.

Dolphin’s Nose

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Gaze at the stunning panoramas of the clear sky, rugged terrain, valleys, and the amazing scenic beauty is the charm to explore through your eyes. A short 3 kilometer of the hike is perfect to explore the top popularly known by the name of Dolphin’s Nose. A soulful introspection through the magical foggy view is a must witnessing view. 

Guna Caves or Devil’s Kitchen

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You will feel the thrill of treading into the dark crevices of the Guna caves which are popularly known as Devil’s Kitchen. The interiors of the cave are made out of the rock-solid pillars and extraordinary patterns. The gateway opens to the beautiful view of one of the Kodaikanal which requires an eye to see the beauty.

Pine Forest

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Wandering in the wilderness of the pine forest, in Kodaikanal will add to your travel dairies a fascinating refreshing experience. The picturesque beauty of this camping spot is like a fairy tale. Many of the amazing cinema shoot happened to be taken place in this spot. 

Berijam Lake

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If you wish to go for bird watching then this is surely the best destination that you will fall in love with.  The reservoir is of exceptional scenic beauty which has an extensive medicinal range of plans bushed nearby. The gorgeous lilies cover the place with its beauty. This is one of the finest places where peace meets solace.

Best foods to eat

This hill station is finest for all sorts of food. The taste of the local food for any travel, the spot is marvelous. You should explore foods like Dosas, idlis, Upma, Parota, Sambhar, Rasam, Payasam, Kesari, Sweet Pongal, and many more.

There are some notable eateries where food is extremely delicious. Those are Altaf's Café, Royal Tibet, Hotel Astoria, Patel Restaurant, Hilltop Tower, Tava, Pastry corner, Hotel New Punjab, Eco Nut, Cloud street at the leading top 10 among all the other places. 

Shopping destinations

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Going for a trip to this vintage and extravagant destination is in itself a great thing. You can explore buying Kashmir Handicrafts center, in the Anna Salai for the shawls, jewelry, brasses, leather goods, khadi items, handloom crafting products, and even fine store items.

This wonderful place Kodaikanal is a perfect hill station with caves, walking trails, hiking areas, camping zones, night treks, and even attractive lake views. Explore this destination on a weekend or on a long trip to see how fascinating nature’s creation can be. 

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