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Management is a skill that can make you successful in every aspect of your life and it can be always improved. When you read new strategies, it will make you stronger at delegating, problem-solving, and a more organized personality.

A person is considered a great leader when he/she has a bold vision, confidence, and magnetic personality.

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Yes, these are the common traits of the great leaders but one has to learn how he/she can acquire these traits successfully in their personality. No one is a born leader; everyone has learnt the skills through the things that happen in their lives and even those who are sometimes tagged as a person born with leadership qualities don’t fit properly in the frame of a perfect leader.

But yes, you can acquire the qualities of a great leader effectively when you are open to learning new concepts and every skill set that a good manager has. You don’t need to go to any classes for acquiring these; there is plenty of information available in the form of books to give you the skillsets of a great leader.

Following is the list of some eminent management books that can turn you into a great manager/leader.

⦁  On Becoming a Leader - Warren Bennis

The author of the book, Warren Bennis was a business school professor at the University of Southern California and was one of the youngest lieutenants to serve in Europe who firmly believed that leaders are made, not born.

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On becoming a leader is a must-read for all business persons. As per the author, the leader is a self-aware, curious, risk-taking person and sees through the things and does what is right. The book outlines the traits that create a great leader and is considered as one of the best management books out there.

⦁  The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change - Stephen R. Covey

The book is a classic novel by Stephen R. Covey who is known as a world-renowned leadership expert. The author says that real leadership starts from within and a good leader can manage and influence others only when he/she can first manage their inner well-being, can create a personal vision and have amazing self-control.

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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is Covey’s most famous one among all this great piece of works that is already published.

⦁  The One Minute Manager - Kenneth Blanchard Ph.D. & Spencer Johnson M.D.

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The One Minute Manager is a remarkable novel that outlines the story of a young man who encounters different management styles, autocratic care only about results, and some workers suffering and democratic approaches where the concern was only people, and the organizations were suffering while his search of a good leader. The book helps you to make a way to set clear goals or expectations for good management.

⦁  Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don’t - Simon Sinek

You must have seen some teams come together to get the task done while other teams disintegrate into squabbling and infighting.

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The author in his book illustrates his ideas through true stories in business and military and through a conversation with a Marine Corps general who describes that “leaders eat last” as all his junior marines were eating first and seniors were, at last, that symbolizes that leaders need to sacrifice their own comfort and lives for the betterment and good of the team that they lead.

⦁  The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership: Follow Them and People Will Follow You - John Maxwell

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Maxwell’s The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership is considered as one of the best and popular leadership and management books you can find. There are of course undefined number of laws of leadership but these 21 laws true and needed for anyone to be an efficient leader/manager. The laws defined in the book can be applied in all the leadership or managerial roles in society.

⦁  Swim With the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive - Harvey B. Mackay

The author of the book, Mackay is a self-made millionaire and gives practical advice on how to surpass the competition and motivate the employees.

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It gives a real piece of advice in its content like If You Don’t Have a Destination, You’ll Never Get There,” “Make Decisions with Your Heart and What You’ll End Up with Is Heart Disease,” and many more. With a good short read, it is an amazing book.

Management is an art and a skill and with these amazing reads, you can easily acquire the skills of a great leader and can get better equipped to lead. Try them and bring on the change in you.

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