Effective Morning Habits to include in your Routine for a Better and Happier Day

A perfect morning routine is the backbone of a good self-care practice and a wonderful day ahead. The whole internet is full of ideas that you can opt for morning routines which can set your day in a great and organized one. 

Its only you who can choose the constituents of your perfect morning. 

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And the reason behind this is that every person is different from another and operates differently with different preferences, biological rhythms, and different lifestyles. Some like to start their day with kick-off exercise schedules in the gym, some like to begin with peaceful yoga sessions and some others may like to just sip 2-3 cups of tea/coffee and start doing their chores.

So it is completely your choice to look out for options that suit you most and here I’m here for you with some tips to make your day more productive and will save you from all the chaos and complex issues that make you mornings struggling.

Wake up a bit Early – 

Since childhood we all keep hearing a quote - “Early to bed early to rise makes the person healthy and wise” which is actually quite true. It is also said that morning people are more active and have a high willingness of doing work than night owls.

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Getting up a bit early will help you in doing your work in an easy way and on time, so if you haven’t started waking up early yet; it is still not that late to change your habit.

Hydrate Yourself – 

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Drinking a glass of water first in the morning will help your body to rehydrate fast when you wake up after 7-8 hours without any consumption of water. Other benefits of doing as first thing in the morning are increased level of alertness, help fighting sickness and also, boost your metabolism.

Eat a Healthy Protein-Rich Breakfast – 

It is an old age saying that the first meal of the day is the most important meal and should be consumed like a king as this will keep you energetic throughout the day to do your work more efficiently.

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There is another reason behind the importance of breakfast that when you sleep for 7-8 hours your body keeps on fasting mode for that duration and afterward it needs a healthy and protein-rich breakfast to be in proper functioning mode again.

Keep yourself away from Social World in Morning – 

Give your day a positive start and the social world brings a kind of negative vibes to you and you need not be bombarded by all the burden of social media content in the morning.

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Checking work emails, work lists for the day as the eye-opener for the day may lead to frustration which can ruin your whole day in the worst possible way. 

Clean Your House – 

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Put yourself in a habit of making your bed as soon as you wake up. No one likes to come back to a messy home after a workaholic day so get it done in the morning itself to spend some quality time with self and family. Get the dishes done, dust and clean the house and organize the house in a proper way before leaving.

Express Gratitude for Everything You Have – 

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Learn to show some gratitude and be thankful for every little thing you have today. There are different ways for doing this for everyone, find the one that suits you. But make sure to be thankful for the wonderful things, people, the life you have.

Have Your Me Time – 

Spending some peaceful time in a quiet place makes a person calm and peaceful, helping him/her in thinking straight. Try spending at least 15-20 minutes at a quiet place with yourself as this will relax you to the utmost level.

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You can sit in your balcony sipping a cup of tea/coffee enjoying the nature around you or you can do some yoga, listen to some peaceful music, or can do whatever you like to do with yourself. 

I hope this article would help you in setting your new morning routine which can save you from spoiling your entire day. Include these simple things in your lifestyle and get ready for a new happy and joyful ride of life.

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