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Education is the building block of a child’s life and for no reason, it should be made a boring task for kids. YouTube has launched a separate app for kids to help them learn in more innovative ways. The app is simple-to-use on any platform like tablets, smartphones, and smart TVs, which help your kid to land in a world of fun and learning.

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The other best part about this app is you need not worry about what your ward is watching, is it appropriate for him/her or not as the content available on it is age-friendly, innovative and informative that will help them to grow in a smarter way.

YouTube has made it easier for you and your child both to find everything you are looking for online itself in this digital era, from like your favorite shows, music videos, to learning the new life things, scientific theories, and whatnot.

Here I have enlisted some of the best videos that are available on this amazing platform that can help your child to grow in various dimensions.

Bach’s Partita in E Major – Smalin

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It is a classical music channel by Stephen Malinowski that helps you land in a new world of music. With his amazing efforts, he has tried to put the world’s best and most famous music compositions into animated visual treats with the help of new and advanced digital tools. It can help your kid learn music in the most interesting way possible!

How big is the ocean?  - TED-Ed

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TED’s educational channel is one of the best educational channels for kids that are available online. The creative educators of this platform have made learning fun by their amazing skills, they have made even the complex and lengthy topics transformed into easy and understandable content while making everything interesting and used animation to make the sessions way more fun.

Can we “de-extinct” animals? – The Brain Scoop

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The major question these days in the mind of kids is raised by the brain scoop in a very well manner. They have asked in a very interesting way that can we bring back woolly mammoths or mastodons like in some Jurassic Park style. This one is an interesting one to watch for your kids to make their minds a bit more active.

All about nouns – Free School

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Grammar is one of those things which no matter what your age is, it is always hard to get a grip on it but free school videos can make your kid learn it better in his/her initial days itself with its vibrant methods of teaching. We all have heard one thing it is always to start early if you want to get hold on something so make your kid a master in this by making him learn through one of the best platforms available.

Jack Back Wants to See Your Weird – SoulPancake

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To make your kids think out of the box, make your kids watch the SoulPancake channel. It will make them think multidimensional as well as they can discover their own wacky sides too. As the name suggests, weird is wonderful and jack back is looking forward to discovering your that side too. This channel is the best choice for young minds to unleash their creativity as part of their personality. 

What’s the hottest hot and coldest cold? – It’s Okay To Be Smart

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If your kid is a budding scientist than this channel will be a great help to him/her. With the best of animations, the channel has made it fun and easy to learn the boring physics part of education. It will help your ward to find the answer to the hottest hold and coldest cold in a very interesting manner. This will enlighten the mind of the person watching it and also the people around him/her. 

3D pen wall art – Make Anything

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This channel is an artistic inspiration, and a 3D printing and designing channel. To give your kid some artistic view in life or to add some more art in your budding artist you can make them view this channel to grow more in this field.

These are a few video channels names that are shared with you. Try watching these with your kid to make them learn more and be brighter.

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