Top 6 Beach Vacation Destinations For Couples

Have you ever witnessed the magic of the seashore? If both of you are the beach person, then the most captivating sandcastles, cavorting waves, and most soul-soothing sea breeze are waiting to be explored by you.

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Don't worry. These romantic beaches in the world are also dotted with the best resorts with the best amenities to give you a fantastic candlelight dinner.

Here is a list of the best beach destinations in the world to give you a great feeling.  So have a check on this list below.

🌅  Capri, Italy

Italy, a space for the passionate lovers and of course their inspiration is hidden in their nature. Just off the marvelous Amalfi Coast, this island offers itself as a Mediterranean coast.

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The long stretched beach, with the colorful houses and the fishing boats, are enough to give you an imagination like paradise. The scent of lemon trees and the sunset view is great to start another charming day with your spouse, and you will never feel bored there.

When to go: The peak season in this place is for the Easter holidays or the first weekend of November. But from April to Mid June, the weather and scenery remain appreciable.

🌅  Radhanagar Beach, India

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Radhanagar Beach is considered as one of the best honeymoon beaches in Asia. Such a place invites both of you to take a challenge of fun game of Volleyball. This famous tourist attraction in Andaman receives millions of people to enjoy its charming beauty along with the most eye soothing surrounding scenery. The perfect place to spend time with your soulmate is Radhanagar beach, Havelock Island. Don't miss taking some pictures of the incredible sunset view from the beach in the early morning.

When to go: December to February is ideal as this time the weather remains pleasant.

🌅  St. John U.S Virgin Islands

For this current time, it has some damage, still, the original beauty of this place has made it one of the best couple vacation places in the world. The white sand of Trunk Bay and the mesmerizing reefs offshore along with the most pleasant weather is enough to make your honeymoon special.

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If you are also an adventure lover, then never miss to take some of the short boats rides in boat Can Duke and in The Baths at Virgin Gorda.

When to go: Consider April to June for going there, as this time weather is milt and less rainfall adds further beauty there.

🌅  Bora Bora, French Polynesia

There are very few couples in the world who don't have any dream of visiting Bora Bora. The volcanic past, crystal clear water, less crowd, and sapphire clear sky makes the place as the best couple destination in the world.

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Apart from this, the hotels of Bora Bora offer the perfect sense of privacy with its floating villas and water bungalows with the super cool facilities. With the mesmerizing scenery of this place and blazing sunset view, it no doubt proof itself as the epitomic of romance.

When to go: The peak season is here from May to October. But for honeymoon and couple package at Bora Bora, November to April is highly recommended.

🌅  Santorini, Greece

This captivating volcanic island belongs to the Cyclades group of Greek islands. Here you can start your day by seeing the stunning sunset from the Oia town and the dramatic view of this place makes the place as one of the best couple beach destinations in the world.

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Delicious wine, beautifully decorated buildings make the place best for the lovers. If you are one of them who love to enjoy fish and seafood, then this is the right place of amazement for you.

When to go: If you don't like crowds, then avoid August. Still, the best time to go to this place is from May to October.

🌅  Anse Source D'Argent, La Digue, Seychelles

Most probably this is one of the best white sand beaches in the world. This beach is the only reason why people make their honeymoon planning in Seychelles. 

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The delightful granite boulders have adorned the place which takes the honor of the best snorkeling spot in the world. The colorful fishes in the crystal clear water leave the best picture-perfect scenery and no doubt these are going to be the most beautiful photos in your honeymoon travel diary.

When to go: Anytime in the year.

So, now you have the list of top beach destinations for couples. Whether it's a holiday trip or honeymoon, choose the best suitable beach package for you and enjoy the most romantic moments of your life.

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