The Most Common Misconceptions About India – soon to be known as Bharat only!

India is one of the finest examples of unity in diversity, as India is one of the most diverse nations in the world with approximately more than a hundred languages and six major religions. Yet, this nation still bears a variety of allegations against it from the world.

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India is also portrayed as a world of mysteries and magic where people from different parts of the world come to find peace and meaning of life. In the 60’s when The Beatles visited Rishikesh, what most people around the world think about Indians are all they do is pray and worship cows. 

There is much more than this about India and Indians, in terms of places, people and surroundings.

Here I have listed a few misconceptions that I found most of the world has about India –

Indians are born mathematicians

Zero holds incredible value in everyone’s day to day life and India is the land where Aryabhata invented the digit 0. It is a land of great mathematicians who made the country proud and keep encouraging the upcoming young mathematicians. 

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But there lies a big misconception as well; all around the world believe that Indians are born with great mathematics skill, which is completely a myth as these two are nowhere linked. Like other country’s citizens, Indians are just normal people with a variety of likes and dislikes.

Cricket is the National Sport of India

Indians are mad behind cricket, like an emotion you can say which made the world think that it is the national sport of the nation. You must have observed the intense situation while India – Pakistan match, how every Indian and Pakistani seem so tensed until the match gets over. 

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There is a specific reason why India does not have a National sport as it is quite difficult to choose one sport that has significance for all cultures when it’s Kabaddi which is popular in the north, boat racing in the south and so on.

Language of the nation is “Indian”


There has been always a misconception regarding the official language of India which is mistaken as Indian. It isn’t! There are hundreds of as state/native languages being spoken throughout the country with English and Hindi as its official languages. 

Those who live in India are all Hindus

India is a country of secularism with no state religion. It is a fact that a major part of the country is dominated by Hinduism but it is no lesser than a truth that all the other religions Islam, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains live in the same country in complete peace and harmony. 

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Here small groups are never treated as a minority when it comes to helping each other and indeed India is a land where all live together in harmony.

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 Indian Cuisines are all spicy ones

Every region in India has its own procedure of making its spices and all spices are unique in its own way which makes India – the land of spices. And it is a myth that all Indian cuisines are spicy, instead, it is full of variety and love for Indian chutneys is inimitable

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There are various methods to prepare the same dish in different style as per the individual’s taste; the same spicy Dal Tadka of North India is prepared with a flavor of sweetness in the Gujarati style.

Every Indian is a Vegetarian – 

Indians too love some amazing chicken, fish, and prawn recipes that are extra spicy or mild. Its just beef, i.e, cow meat which is completely banned here as a cow is a holy animal and worshipped in Hindu culture and is given a place of a mother. 

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Maybe not all Indians love non-veg but it is also not true that all Indians are vegetarians. It is completely a matter a choice of an individual what does he/she wants to consume or what satisfies their taste buds.

There are various other misconceptions about India which like the above ones hold no grounds. It is a land of love, life, diversities, passion, and what not, and once to know completely about it, you are definitely going to fall in love with this country.

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