The Best Things To Do In Maui, Hawaii

The island of Maui, located in the State of Hawaii, USA, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Situated on the top of two submerged volcanoes that had overlapped one another to form an isthmus in the North Pacific Ocean, the island is famous for its white beaches, clear water, steep cliffs, and eye-catching valleys covered with rain forests.

Therefore, if you are planning a holiday, come to Maui; you will love every moment of it.

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Here is a list of Things To Do in Maui, Hawaii:

🌄  Kaanapali Beach

Among the beaches in Maui, the most noteworthy is Kaanapali. Let us, therefore, start our tour with a visit to this world-famous beach. With three miles of white sand and crystal clear water, it is no wonder that the beach has become one of the principal attractions of the island.

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While swimming and sunbathing are the most popular activities, the area also boasts of a surfing club, which will gladly give you, the first lesson in surfing.

However, the most famous attraction of this place is the daily cliff diving ceremony off Puu Kekaa. Held every evening at sunset, it offers a unique view. You can also try a zipline tour by Kaanapali Skyline Eco-Adventure.

Explore Activities: 
❤  West Maui Golf Resorts visit,
❤  Moana Glass, Parasailing,
❤  Surfing,
❤  Stroll Front Street in Lahaina,
❤  Parasailing

🌄  Hana

While at Maui, you must not miss the 65 miles drive to Hana, a small settlement located at the eastern end of the island. The drive itself is beautiful, offering stunning views of seaside cliffs with waterfalls mingling down. On the way, you can stop at Kahanu Garden and Preserve, a botanical park that has Pi'ilanihale Heiau located within its boundary.

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The Heiau, meaning temple, is one of the most important archeological sites in the Hawaiian Islands. Other places of interest are Kaia Ranch Tropical Botanical Gardens, Hana Beach Park, Hana Ball Park, Pailoa Bay, Hamoa Beach, Wai'anapanapa State Parkland Hasegawa General Store.

Explore Activities: 
❤  Dramatic coastlines,
❤  Sea-sculpted lava formations,
❤  Walking trails, 
❤  Ancient Hawaiian burial sites,
❤  Swimming hole,
❤  5 sheltered sea caves

🌄  Haleakala National Park

If you love trekking, you must visit Haleakala National Park and trek to the top of the mountain to see the massive Haleakala Crater.

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Mentioned as the abode of the sun in the Hawaiian mythology, it was actually formed over a long period of time by the erosion of the entire volcanic mountain top. The place also offers a good view of the sunrise; but if you want to enjoy that you must make a prior reservation. 

Explore Activities: 
❤  Explore Hiking,
❤  Skywatching,
❤  Biking, 
❤  Horseback Riding,
❤  Ziplining,
❤  Touring by Helicopter,
❤  Camping and witness sunsets

🌊  Maui Ocean Center

For the ocean lovers, paying a visit to the Maui Ocean Centre is a must. It is an aquarium and oceanography center, which offers a unique view of the underwater world, enabling you to experience the world's first virtual encounter with Hawaii's humpback whales in the Humpbacks of Hawaii Exhibit & 3D Sphere.

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That apart, you can also explore living reefs and corals and sea schooling reef fish, sharks, stingrays, and turtles pass by. In short, you will have an amazing experience that you are unlikely to forget.

Explore Activities: 
❤  Skywatching,
❤  Swimming,
❤  Sea walking,
❤  Camping,
❤  Ziplining,
❤  Sunrise/ Sunsets

🌄  Lahaina Historic Trail

If on the other hand, you like historical trails, visit Lahaina, the erstwhile capital of Mauiloa, the ancient Maui high priest. The Lahaina Historic Trail (Ala Moolelo O Lahaina), encompassing sixty-five sites, has been created by Lahaina Restoration Foundation so as to preserve the history of the place. 

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For guidance, you can visit the Lahaina Visitor Center in the Old Lahaina Courthouse, located between the ancient Banyan Tree and Lahaina Harbor. Baldwin Home Museum, which housed the Protestant missionaries, is now the oldest surviving structure.

Explore Activities: 
❤  Hale Paahao,
❤  A jail for rowdy sailors,
❤  Old Lighthouse, 
❤  Pioneer Inn,
❤  Wo Hing Temple,
❤  Lahaina Jodo Mission

🍲  Culture and Cuisine

A visit to Maui is never complete without learning about its cultural heritage or sampling its cuisine and the best way to do that is to attend a lūʻau. It is a traditional Hawaiian party that is usually accompanied by Hawaiian music and traditional dance form called Hula.

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In general, they offer traditional food like poi, kālua puaʻa (kālua pig), poke, Lomi salmon, ʻopihi, and haupia, beer. While many beachside eateries offer such entertainments in the evening, travelers have especially recommended Old Lahaina Luau, located on Front St, Lahaina for it. Therefore, do not forget to take at least one evening off from your itinerary to attend a lūʻau. 

🌱  Coffee Plantations

Maui is also famous for its coffee plantations, the largest among them being the Ka’anapali Estate that grows the well-known MauiGrown Coffee.

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If you are interested in how coffee is grown, you can visit the plantation and taste variety of local roast.

🐳  Star Grazing &Whale Watching

If you are interested in stars, Maui will not disappoint you. Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa offers an opportunity for stargazing at a price. They not only have excellent equipment but also provide instructors who will explain everything.

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It is until now; we have looked to offer an insight into the major tourist spots in Maui Hawaii. However, we would now look to offer insights into what precisely you can do as a tourist.
Let us discuss on these lines:

One could attend the Luau and it is a traditional local feast. There is no shortage of food here and it is accompanied by dance, music.

You can take a dive into the Olowalu reef and here one can swim in crystal clear waters, in the company of sea turtles. 

One can take a stroll down the Black Sand beach.

There are plenty of pineapple farms here and you can tour one. You can pick up the fruit straight from the bush and enjoy the taste. 

That apart, if you come to Maui in winter, make sure you take up at least one whale watch boat trip. Different types of cruises are organized for it.

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