Super impressive ways to wear a scarf

Scarves are something that is super versatile and yes, one of the favorite accessories of might be everyone. They have a tendency to stick to you; no matter how many pounds you put on or even if you get pregnant they will not judge you and most importantly they don’t have a habit of shrinking.

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Scarf may have minimum yet important place in fashion clothing items. The best part is it can be styles in multiple beautiful ways and can be used with formals, dresses, and even neutral clothing. 

So just take out the favorite scarfs from your wardrobe and start trying these wonderful and interesting scarf tying ideas and slay the game.

The Waterfall Scarf Style– 

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The waterfall style is a lovely one, as the name itself says just like a waterfall you let the scarf fall on your frontal body. For this look you need to put the one-third part of scarf around the neck and then drape it one more time. At last, take one corner of the loose part and just tuck it around the neck and here you go to rock this style.

The European Loop Style– 

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This one is most loved style amongst celebrities and sometimes also known as Parisian Knot. For this look you need to take both ends of scarf in one hand and create a hoop. After this, you have to place the hoop on one shoulder and ends on the other and then finally pull the ends through the hoop and all done.

The Loose Headwrap Style– 

Don’t underestimate the amazing look this style can give by just taking the traditional aspect in consideration. You can enjoy doing the head wrapping in different ways and in different styles. 

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Among those different styles the easiest one is to put it over your head and simply toss the other side to your opposite shoulder. And one more loving style is cover your head and tie a knot at the rear side to tighten it for enjoying the amazing look.

The Half Bow Knot Style– 

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This is a perfect scarf wrapping style for the bow lovers. Grab your scarf and wrap it around the neck evenly, form a loose knot on one side and pull the other side that is folded in half through the knot and tighten it. You can now steal the show with your jaw dropping look. 

The Infinity Scarf Wrapping Style- 

This one has multiple variants like single loop, shawl loop, double or triple loop, etc which you can try and choose your best style. Grab your scarf and tie the ends to form a loop. 

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Then place it on your neck and twist it from the middle while putting it over your head. This will give it a ringed look as you can see in the picture above. Try its different versions as well and enjoy styling.

The Choker Style– 

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This fascinating style of wearing scarf looks very sophisticated. First fold your scarf in half and then wrap it around your neck, if you have taken a long one and drape it twice. From the hoop pass one end and finally form a knot at the side of the neck to tighten it.

The Belted Style– 

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The best part about this new trend setter style in fashion is that you do not need to work way too much to get this in perfect way. Just drape your scarf properly around your neck, put the front with a belt on it and here you go flaunting your new look and additionally you got a completely new dress.

The Ponytail Wrap Around Style– 

This time saver and chick style gives happy vibes and something in which you have nothing to juggle with. 

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First tie your hairs in ponytail and then simply tie a knot around ponytail and let the ends swing in style or you can make a cris-cross style by mixing the scarf with your hairs.

Try these amazing styles with a few different types of scarves to check how it looks and its time to flaunt your style in a much better fashionable way. 

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