Reopening Japan's Theme Parks Stressing 'No Scream On Roller Coaster'

The COVID 19 virus has been one of the greatest disruptions to modern life and the threat very much exists even today.

However, life has to go on and business houses are slowly but steadily opening the doors for the customer. The same can be said for the theme and amusement parks in Japan. They are looking to reopen and these parks have been a happy hunting ground for children.

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However, the virus scare seems to have changed life in a big way and there is bound to be a few changes implemented as the parks open in the post lockdown scenario. Let me speak a bit on these lines:

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There is a need to maintain social distance: 

The theme parks all over Japan will have reopened but the virus scare still very much exists alongside. Hence, there has been some form of guideline being issued by the authorities and you will need to be updated. 

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The precise guide is from the East-West Japan Theme Park Association and they insist on implementing a lot of the familiar precautions. You will surely have to wear a mask and at the same time maintain a social distance. However, there is a bit of a surprise package in store for visitors to these parks and let me stress on this point. 

You cannot scream on the roller coaster: 

The roller coaster ride is one of the highlight features of theme parks. It is a great experience as they strap you on the coaster and you slowly but steadily approach the summit. 

It is once you are at the top, the excitement levels are at the peak and there is a tendency to scream out. 

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However, as these parks open once more and you take the coaster ride, the screams are being strictly forbidden. Let me clarify the reasons for the authorities to discourage it. 

The situation is a dampener but essential from the health perspective: 

A roller coaster ride without the screaming was perhaps unthinkable a few days ago but health professionals insist on doing away with the screams. They have to say that the scream results in a flood of respiratory droplets from the mouth. 

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If the person screaming is a corona infected individual then there is always the chance that people sitting close by will be impacted. It is purely from the health perspective that the authorities are completely discouraging people from screaming. 

Are the rides still exciting? 

At the first look, it seems disheartening because these rides are just not complete without the screams. 

However, we would like to say that one can enjoy the ride a bit differently. It is while you are at the top that blood-curdling cries like feeling in the chest. 

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The other option is to bite the lips here and that is the perfect way to enjoy the tense moments. These yells, screams are not pre-planned and they occur instantly. There is a need to see whether it can actually be avoided.

A look at some of the other guidelines: 

The roller coaster is a part of the theme parks but surely that is not all. The haunted house is a top hangout for visitors to these theme parks and there is also a guideline in this section. 

The specific guideline mentioned here is however not for the visitors. It is for the ghost and it states that the ghost lurking from haunted houses needs to maintain a healthy distance from the victim. 

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There are also guidelines for the park staff and especially those in the guise of animal mascots, superheroes. They must avoid shaking hands with the visitors. The yelling concept can extend beyond the roller coaster ride and the screams are very much a part of superhero tussles with the evil villains. 

The superhero whips up passion and normally demands cheers from spectators. Under the new guideline, this has been completely prohibited. 

You can enjoy but in a safe manner: 

These are some guidelines put in place by the authorities and the intent is to make sure that you can enjoy but in a safe manner. 

There is fun on offer and these restrictions are in place so that you can stay safe from the dreaded virus. Follow the guidelines and take protective measures against coronavirus while traveling

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