Prominent Audible Books which are there to Boost Motivation in You

Audible books are so much in trend these days and the love for reading is now taking a shape of hearing the awesome books and it is gaining popularity at a very fast pace. Various apps are also launched where you can listen to a number of books while doing your other chores by simply downloading them in your smartphones. 

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Amazon and some other sites also have a huge collection of audible books for you. These books consist of thriller, romance, mystery, and actually everything that can cater your whole interest to them.

You can pick from below listed to add in your purchase and if you want to check them before purchasing then you can head on to first.

Here I have shortlisted some of the best audible books that you can find on amazon which can give you an instant boost

The Secret - Rhonda Byrne 

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It is among the recommendations by some of the most splendid celebrity tastemakers in the world like Oprah and it is a classic novel in the motivation category.

In the novel, the author has included many examples, research, and testimonials to support the authenticity of the Law of Attraction. 

It is a perfect guide for heading on the path of self-empowerment as the entire book is focused on your internal power to manifest change with mindfulness and intentionality.

Getting Things Done - David Allen

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In this book, the author has explained his full proof methods to face more wisely the modern era challenges that techno life is presenting in front of you.

David further explains that productivity is the reflection of how well you can organize the Dos and Don’ts so that the brain doesn’t get overwhelmed by anything. The method is absolutely worth once you truly understand what it means and enjoy it completely for the rest of your life.

The Obstacle Is the Way - Ryan Holiday 

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In this beautiful piece of writing, the author has claimed that successful personalities from history were actually those who engaged with the obstacles and impossibilities that came in their path in a specific way instead of running away from them.

This fascinating book with the outstanding ancient formula of success will make you rethink the way you approach the deadlocks of your life journey.

Super Attractor - Gabrielle Bernstein

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It is an Audible Editors Pick and an engaging, motivating novel that how being aligned with higher forces can work in your life and can bring you the things you’ve always wanted.

The author gives you a deep thought on the teachings of the law of attraction. While listening to this book, you will find the author with her manifestation practices, mental exercises for encouraging mental awareness, and best advice for being realistic with yourself while being ambitious about what good things you can attract and you really want in your life.

The Antidote - Oliver Burkeman

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Olive Burkeman delivers everything that is needed for motivation but seems difficult to be digested in an optimistic format. 

The Author says that its bot positivity that always works, and sometimes its only negativity that can work for you.

The Antidote tells to embrace every inescapable, ugly truth in your life and move toward truth radically no matter how painful it is and you will have an incredibly powerful experience.

The Happiness Hypothesis - Jonathan Haidt

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This best-selling novel by Jonathan Haidt makes the listeners and readers feel comfortable by making them understand that how those happiness blockers which they felt have been universally felt by millions and billions of people across times and cultures. 

Go for this book and change your life in every possible way and unblock the happiness hampers of your life.

The Magic of Thinking Big - David Schwartz

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This novel has been an inspiration and life changer for so many people since it was first published. The author gives a simple message through his book - to get the big results that you dream about, you have to start thinking big first.

And, once you start thinking big, you can act big and finally you are all set to achieve big. The best thing about this audiobook is that after each chapter, the author recaps the important points and shares practical takeaways to implement them.

Don’t waste much time now and buy the book you would love to listen and boost some instant motivation in your life.

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