Practical ways to Avoid Procrastinating Things and Get Your Work Done

Do you ever find yourself saying I’ll do it tomorrow? There’s still a lot of time for this! Or you keep yourself hounding for something to do so that you can skip doing something must but unpleasant task?

Then you are already on the verge of developing the skill of procrastinating. But the issue is that procrastination is not a healthy or useful skill. 

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There are so much pain and stress that goes hand in hand when you start leaving things to the last minute. Don't be afraid and start dealing with your inner negative thoughts

When you procrastinate you keep on squashing your free time, lingering on the things, and put off the important tasks should have done on the shelf. And when it is indeed too late, we panic and wish we got started earlier.

Don’t let this habit of procrastination take over your life and before it gets too late, here I have shared several strategies that can help you to stop procrastinating and a few lifestyle changes which you can make to avoid future procrastination in your life.

Bifurcate your Work into Small Pieces-

The major reason why you keep on procrastinating your work is you find it too overwhelming for you. To focus properly on work you can break it down in smaller parts and if you still find yourself procrastinating, then break it down further until and unless you start feeling like “oh wow, this is so simple that why not just do it now!”. And when it’s done, move to another simple piece and soon you will find that overwhelming piece is work is already done.

Make Changes in the Environment- 

The environment have a huge impact on your productivity. You need to look around and check your work desk or the place where you work, does it make you sleepy or lethargic then you seriously need to make changes in your workplace aura. 

Even in some cases, you would find that the things or the environment that kept you super active a few days ago, has lost your interest completely so now it’s time to revamp your environment and bring significant changes around you.

Make Detailed Timeline with Specific Deadlines instead of Sticking to One– 

The principal cause behind procrastination is just having one specific deadline for your work. You keep on pushing things for later until you have an impression in your mind that still you are left with so much time to complete the task. 

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After bifurcating your work into smaller parts, and then create an overall timeline with deadlines for each small work. 

You have to be strict with your deadlines here like in a way if you don’t finish this within the timeline, it’s going to jeopardize everything else you have planned and this will create an urgency to act.

Eliminate your Procrastination Refueling Stops– 

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Identify the things that make it easier for you to procrastinate things like your browser bookmarks, automatic notification option, your social accounts at bay, and such things into a separate browser/place that is less accessible for you. 
Make everything a bit away from you that acts as a distraction for you to work properly.

Re-think and Re-Clarify Your Goals- 

Procrastination it continues for a longer time period leads to a mismatch between what you wanted and what you are currently doing to achieve it. Stop saying Yes when you really want to say No. 

Take out some time for yourself and rediscover yourself, what you want to achieve and what pathway you need to follow to do the same. 

Get a Grip on Yourself and Just do the Required– 

What matters at the end is action and only action. Nothing can be achieved only by strategizing, planning and hypothesizing and if no action is taken. 

Look for someone who has achieved the Outcomes already – 

Connect with people who have already accomplished the things you want to do as nothing is more triggering than seeing the living proof of goals that you have set are very well achievable in reality if you take action. 

Get a Buddy who is Honest with you – 

When you are alone it’s always hard to keep yourself away from distractions. You can ask a friend or family member to partner with you to check upon your work habits and accomplishments.

Imagine yourself free from anxiety, nagging pressures and self-doubt as accomplishing put-off tasks on time will re-boost you with confidence and energy. So, why to procrastinate anymore, just improve your lifestyle and habits and get a complete hold on you.

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