If you are soon planning to visit Gujarat, these places are a must go for you

Gujarat is the perfect choice for your next holiday destination. This state has the world’s largest white deserts and India’s longest coastline, beautiful mountains and national parks, jaw-dropping adventures and soul relaxing vibes. 

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State also has the largest number of Asiatic lions in the country which makes it an amazing state and choice as well. But if you are planning your trip to Gujarat learn about the protective measures against coronavirus while traveling

Here is a list of places in Gujarat which one should visit while traveling to Gujarat-

The Great Rann of Kutch– 

The Great Rann of Kutch is the world’s largest white salt desert and looks amazing under the scorching sun. This beautiful place becomes very cool and relaxed at night and gives a very peaceful vibes. 

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Here you will get to see a lot of events, cultural shows, a variety of tasty food and awesome shops to do the shopping and yes not to forget to make sure you take a camel ride in the white desert. Rann Utsav is organized here everywhere in November and March which makes it the best time to visit this lovely place.

The Polo Monument and Vijaynagar Forest –

This place is a really very exciting and interesting one to explore. There are a number of temples that were built around the 10th-15th centuries which were built in ancient and in a structure that looks like a mixture of Hindu and Islamic traditions.

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During your travel to this beautiful place, you will get the chance to trek out the Vijaynagar forest as the jeeps are going to take you to see the monuments from the main city.

The Marine National Park, Jamnagar – 

The foremost reason which is more than enough to visit this place is that it is the first national park in the country. You will get to see different kinds of coral reefs, aquatic animals and birds, aquatic plants in the park. 

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The major attractions of this place also include fantastic beaches, picture-perfect coastline and clear water and to enjoy it to the utmost point, you need to use the boat which is usually a ninety-minute safari ride from the coast to the main part.

The Dholavira – 

This place is one of the fewest sites that have some presence of Harappan culture and its civilization, which you can explore while visiting the Dholavira. 

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It has a five-thousand-year-old step well, beautiful sun-dried buildings and old reservoirs that surely gonna leave you amazed.

The Sabarmati Ashram –

The second ashram built by great Indian freedom fighter Mahatma Gandhi aka Bapu holds great importance till today. There were various freedom movements planned here, the top ones among them are Swadeshi movement, Civil Disobedience Act and non-violence etc. 

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There is still a room of Mahatma Gandhi which reveals all stories of a great leader and is well preserved as his finest memories. 

Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park–

Not too far from the city, this place has a place in one of the UNESCO’s world heritage sites and if seen from far it seems like a scene taken from a storybook. 

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The park has beautiful mosques, temples, forts, getaways, pavilions, tombs, helical wells, custom houses and palaces and many of its amazing sites are located on hills as well which altogether makes it a must go to place while visiting Gujarat.

The Dwarkadhish Temple- 

It is among the four dhams of Hindus and was the kingdom of Lord Krishna, which has a beautiful architecture. The walls and pillars of the temple are beautifully sculpted with dancers, musicians, celestial beings, elephants and much more. 

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You must once in your life this five-storeyed building and seek blessing, and you can also visit various other temples around Dwarkadhish temple.

The Gir National Park – 

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Gir National Park is one of the significant places to visit in India with the largest number of Asiatic lions and more than 300 hundred bird species. It also has 29 species of reptiles, around 30 species of mammals, 96 species of invertebrates and more than 500 species of plants. To see the beauty of nature unravel itself book a safari and enjoy it to the maximum.

Make your checklist for your next visit to Gujarat and enjoy it to the fullest. 

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