Bengali Sweets are much more than Rasgulla and Sandesh | Must Try Sweets When in Bengal

West Bengal is one of those states which are well known for its ethnic and rich culture and it has a wide variety of delicacies to offer for every palate.

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Durga Pooja, Fish and Sweets – these are the three most widely popular things in this state. The variety of sweets and desserts available in the region and the lovely sweet tooth of the Bengalis is something which is very impressive. 

When one talks about Bengali sweets, it doesn’t matter you have a sweet tooth or not the thing is you can’t resist yourself after having a look after these mouth-watering delicacies. 

This is a list I have sorted for you enlisting the most delectable and delicious sweets from the land of West Bengal.

Mishti Doi – 

This quintessential Bengali dessert is the most famous one in Bengal. 

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Mishti Doi is basically sweetened curd which is authentically made with cardamom and saffron and is served in small clay pots, as these clay pots enhance the taste of the dish. It tastes heavenly. These are various flavors of this sweet that are now available. 

Lobongo Latika – 
This mouth-watering Bengali sweet is made using refined flour, nutmeg powder, coconut, ghee, raisins, cardamom, cloves and sugar, which looks like a pastry, beautifully folded and then sealed using a clove. 

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The clove sealing amplifies the flavor of the dish. It is so beautifully decorated that it brings an extra pinch to the dish and it can be made for any occasion easily.

Shondesh - 
It is a sweet and flavorsome sweet which is a relatively dry one. This is one of the most loved one dishes of Bengal which can be made in different shapes and sizes. 

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Shondesh is a bit harder than Rasgulla and does not involve any sugar syrup but it traditionally sweetened using jaggery. It is most common and loved while Durga Puja as well.

Kalo Jaam – 
This sweet looks quite similar to Gulab Jamun but it is different both in taste and texture. Kalo Jaam is a sphere-shaped sweets which is made from flour, milk, cardamom and paneer, and first deep-fried then soaked in sugar syrup. 

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This too can be easily made at home and most of the Bengalis grow up eating this as a dessert after their meals.

Pati Shapta – 
It is normally prepared on Bengali New Year which is similar to pancakes. Pati Shaptas are thin crepes which are made with Suji, maida and rice flour and filled with grated coconut. 

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They will melt in your mouth and leave a lasting flavor in your mouth whether served hot or cold. 

Malai Cham Cham – 

This is a dairy based lovely sweet dish that will leave you drooling over it. Malai Cham Cham is best when served chilled which is made from cheese curd and saffron. 

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The lovely smooth texture and dense flavors used in making this will give you an unforgettable experience. It has golden topping and generally made in an oval shape.

Channar Jilipi – 
This sweet delicacy is made from paneer, khoya and maida but it is very different in taste from other sweets. This almost resembles Jalebi in look as it is also round in shape. 

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It has soft delight inside and crispy on the outside, to feel what heavenly means just give a try to this super tasty sweet.

Shor Bhaja – 
Purely made from milk cream, it is one of the toughest Bengali sweet dishes. It is also known as Sarbhaja, and if you are thinking to try your hand on this then let me tell you it requires a lot of patience and expertise. 

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To extract maximum cream out of milk, it is boiled at high and low flames alternatively and flavored with rose water and saffron.

Get immersed in the flavor of these scrumptious and delightful dishes whenever you get a chance to visit Bengal – the land of sweets. 

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