June 21 – International Yoga Day | Yoga For Health – Yoga At Home

June 21 is chosen as the date for celebrating International Yoga because it is the longest day in Northern Hemisphere. Firstly, Yoga Day was celebrated on June 21, 2015, and the motive behind celebrating this day is to make people across the world, aware of the benefits of Yoga.

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The theme for this year is Yoga for health, yoga at home, and Yoga with family, which itself reflects the need urge to maintain social distancing while COVID-19 pandemic has made yoga studios, practitioners, and online resources to a pause. 

Yoga helps to keep the balance between body and mind and it also helps to get rid of age-old diseases. 

Yoga is a solution to various problems; it may fight dangerous chronic diseases and cancer as well. These are a few benefits of doing yoga regularly – 

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Boosts immunity

Relieves depression, anxiety, and stress

Strengthens bones, relieve joint pains

Helps in Weight Loss

Increases muscle strength and helps in weight gain

Helps fight infections and respiratory diseases

To gain most from Yoga, here are some of the basic yoga asanas that you can perform this International Yoga Day and can include in your daily routine afterward.

The Naukasana – Boat Pose -

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The Naukasana strengthens the abdomen organs and leg muscles and also increases the efficiency of abdominal muscles which is good for digestion and helps in reducing belly fat.

For this asana, you need to lie down on your back with your legs together as shown in the picture. Keep your hands on the floor next to your thighs or on your thighs. While you inhale, raise your hands, leg, and arms in a straight line at a 30-degree angle off the floor.

Paschimottanasana -

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Paschimottan asana regulates energy to the nervous system and helps in good circulation to internal abdominal organs. This asana helps in elongating the spine and gives a good stretch to it.

Here in this asana, you need to sit with outstretched legs and flexed toes. While inhaling raise your arms and pull the navel in while exhaling. Hold the toes with your hands when you stretch your spine forward from the hips, and bend the elbow outward or downward. You are in your final position your complete awareness should be on your abdominal breathing.

Ardha Matsyendrasan – Half Spinal Pose - 

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Ardha Matsyendrasan helps in making your spine more flexible and strengthens your side muscles.

In this asana, you need to sit straight first and then stretch your legs in front of you. Further, bend your left leg and try to touch your feet to your right butt; and then bring your right leg outside of the left knee. Help your spine straight all this while and then touch your feet to the ground. Now while exhaling turns your upper body towards the right and holds your right foot with the left hand and on your spine put your right hand.

The Dandasana – Plank Pose -

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If you want to strengthen the core than, this asana is the best recommendation for you. It helps in increasing the overall productivity of your abs, butt, and thighs; also burns calories and fats very fast.

In this asana, you first lie down on your abdomen, bring elders under shoulders, and place your forearms on the ground. Keep yourself basically in a pushup position. Inhale and lift your body off the floor, keep yourself in this position for some time and then exhale and release the pose.

Kapalabhati – Skull Cleansing Kriya -

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Kapalabhati balances the nervous system and effectively tones the digestive organs. Also, it is an effective method for releasing excess fat, burning calories, and reducing belly fat.

First of all sit in a comfortable position with your hands on your knees and your spine, neck, and shoulder straight in a line. Inhale deeply with an expansion of the abdomen and then start exhaling in deep strokes like 40-60 strokes and then relax after having every round. Don’t try this asana when you are an empty stomach.

These are just a few asanas that I have shared with you, which is just to give you a quick start and some motivation this International Yoga Day.
So, keep yourself boosted, and when Indian PM himself trying so hard to make people aware of Yoga facts and why can’t you go for it! 

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