Few Lesser Known and Interesting Facts about the Epic Ramayana

Besides Mahabharat, Ramayana is an important and sacred Sanskrit epic of Indian mythology. The interesting and godly story of Ramayana is something that almost everyone knows by heart.
You must have read or heard it, maybe through published books or by TV series that the story is now very well-known and almost every one of you must be aware that Ramayana is a tale about the great and faithful King Lord Rama and his auspicious and epic battle against Ravana who kidnapped Rama’s wife, Goddess Sita.

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It is said that Ramayana was originally written by Maharishi Valmiki on the instructions of Shree Narada Ji.

The Ramayana teaches us many valuable lessons about everything in life, like dharma, karma, loyalty, devotion towards parents and duties towards the society we live in.

There are various attempts made to tell the story and yes, in different versions as well but still, there are many lesser-known facts about it where are quite interesting too:

Reason Behind Ravan’s and Kumbhakaran’s Birth - 

Ravana and Kumbhakaran who are the villains of Ramayana are considered to be the incarnations of gatekeepers of Lord Vishnu named Jaya and Vijaya. It is said that they were refused to enter in the world of Lord Vishnu due to their misdeeds and bad behavior and were cursed to take birth on Earth.

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To resolve the issue on their request, Lord Vishnu offered them two options, either to take birth as his devotees for 7 life cycles or as his enemies for 3 life cycles out of which they chose their enemy ship for 3 life cycles.

Hanuman’s Son: Makardhwaja – 

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After setting Lanka on fire with his inflames tail, Lord Hanuman took a dip in the sea to cool down himself and due to excessive heat some drops of perspiration fell in the water and some drop of this went straight in the mouth of Makara, a giant fish-like reptile which impregnated her.

She gave birth to Makardhwaja, who is considered as a son of Lord Hanuman and had features of both, a monkey and a reptile.

Laxman Rekha Story  – 

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There are various stories behind Laxman Rekha. As per Valmiki’s Ramayan when Lakshman goes in search of Ram, he performs a prayer seeking the help of deities of forest and the Pancha Bhootas for protecting Sita Maa.

It is said that the concept of Lakshan Rekha came from the imaginations of poets and writers as a part of their literary work which took shape of a popular belief later on.

Laxman Didn’t Sleep for 14 years  – 

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For the safety of Ram and Sita, Laxman stayed awake throughout 14 years of the exile which gave him the title of Gdakesh; it means one who defeated sleep whereas it is said Urmila, Laxman’s wife slept on his behalf as well.

She slept for both of them and for continuously 14 years and woke up only when Laxman returned to Ayodhya with Ram and Sita after completing their exile.

Hanuman is the Rudra Avatar of Lord Shiva – 

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Hanuman is the son of King of Banaras, Kesari, and Mata Anjana, who was cursed to born as a female monkey. But Hanuman was blessed by Lord Shiva and an avatar of Lord Shiva simultaneously.

Goddess Sita was born to the Goddess of Earth, Devi Bhumi – 

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Goddess Sita was not the biological daughter of King Janak and was born to the Devi Bhumi. She was adopted by King Janak when he found her while plowing the earth as a part of some puja.

Lord Rama also had a sister named Shanta – 

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While everyone knows about Lord Rama, his brothers, and parents, very few are aware of the fact that he also had a sister named Shanta who was much older than the four brothers. As Rompad’s king Angadesh and his queen Varshini had no child, King Dasaratha gave his and Kaushalaya’s daughter Shanta to them.

These are some of the lesser-known facts that I have shared with you. Keep reading to know more interesting things. I hope you like it.

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