Disney - Reopening plans and new guidelines of World's largest theme park

Disney CO. officials still have not revealed anything about reopening its U.S, magic Kingdom, and theme parks after that coronavirus pandemic. But after a Tuesday earnings call, the company executives of Disney CO officials have provided an insight into the reopening and guidelines plan that is required when the park will reopen. 

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The travelers should obey all the guidelines and advice for entering Disney Walt theme parks. 

The Disney executives have said that they are to reopen the Disney theme parks with a very limited guest capacity and with appropriate Disney control measures. This is also included in various health monitoring methods. 

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Shanghai Disneyland is the first park that was reopened on 11th May and it was closed from January. There are no appropriate dates about the domestic park reopening that includes Watt Disney World too. Let's know what the guidelines that they have released about the procedures and consideration of the reopening of all the Disney parks. 

Physical distancing and capacity measurement

They have decided that the park should not exceed 30% of its total capacity when it will reopen. Except for that Disney Parks Chief medical officer, Dr. Hymel has provided some of the health and safety measures for preventing the spread of COVID-19. It will help them to keep the travelers safe during this pandemic situation.

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After reopening of the parks, the work area and high traffic areas of these parks will be cleaned and disinfected regularly. They have declared that social distancing and capacity maintenance will be their first and foremost guidelines for entering into Disney after corona.

Disney is also trying to use technology to reduce these efforts. Because to handle people densities in restaurants, ques, hotels, and ride vehicles, it can be difficult. So they want to use the Play Disney Parks application to make it effortless. 

Reopening process
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They are looking for a phased reopening of Disney world. The phased reopening of the world's largest theme park, Disney will help to avoid the risk of spreading coronavirus, because in this way they will be able to control the crowd in this place. 

This is decided to reopen Disney in some of the locations in a gradual process while some of them can reopen in a partial reopening process. As an example, the dinning, the restaurant, and the retail are prior to reopening first gradually or partially in all the locations. 

Screening and prevention support

They want to follow all the guidelines given by the government and medical team regarding the screening process and prevention measures including personal protection like PPE, face covers and etc. 

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Some of the protective measures have already been implemented and these are the use of hand sanitizer and handwashing across the resorts. 

Cleanliness and sanitation

As per the government guidelines and advice, they are to increase their cleaning and disinfection process throughout the area. 

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They want to mainly focus on the high traffic areas and ques where the people density can affect the place. 

Cast training

Before reopening the Disney parks, this is also required to emphasize a strong culture of health and safety measures in their cast members. If needed, they are ready to provide the necessary training and reinforcement before they reopen this most popular place in the world. 

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The cast members of Disney Walt co. will be given protective equipment for their personal uses that include face covering also.

Final consideration

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Still, there is no news about reopening Disney Walt Florida since it had been closed in the middle of March. In the earnings call Monday, it was discussed that they will be considering Admission for the dates to control the limit of the people inside of the park. That means, the park-goers will have a date on their ticket, and on that very day, they are allowed to enter the park.
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The Disney cruise which is considered as the generator of traveling to Central Florida will take a bit longer time for reopening. As per the Disney executives, maybe this will be the last thing to reopen in the travel business. 

These are all about the planning for the expected reopening of Walt Disney World parks. If you are planning to go to the Disney parks, then you should know all these above-mentioned things.

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