Discover The Stunning Landscapes On Luxurious Norway Cruise

To most travelers, Norway invokes a strange sensation. The country is not only home to a unique phenomenon like the Midnight Sun and the Northern Lights, but also boasts of beautiful landscape throughout its length and breadth.

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However, its coastal areas, especially the west coast of southern Norway and the coast of northern Norway, are especially known for their scenic beauty and if you are thinking of going on a cruise, there is no better choice than Norway.

Indeed, many international tour magazines vouch that the Norwegian fjords are one of the top tourist attractions.  

šŸ‘‰ ' Choose Carefully '

However, Norway is not just about fjords; but offers much more. That is why if you plan to take up a tour this year, try one of the luxurious cruises along the coast of Norway and discover the country, which was once upon a time ruled by the mighty Vikings.

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 If you are short on your time, you will have to be choosy and select a cruise that includes the places you want to see. But on the other hand, if you have all the time, you are welcome to tour the country through and through. We can vouch that you will not be disappointed. 

- Norwegian Fjords:

However, we will start our tour, cruising along the glorious fjords of Western Norway. These are actually long, narrow inlets of water having steep sides or cliffs. These were created millions of years ago when glaciers cut a U-shaped valley by scarping and separating the surrounding bedrock.

Later, they were flooded by seawater and became known as fjords. They are not only scenically beautiful but also offer a great range of biodiversity. Indeed, the coral reefs, located along the bottom of fjords, are home to many types of living creatures ranging from plankton and anemones to fish and several species of sharks. 

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Indeed cruising along the fjords offers great opportunities. In addition to some marvelous ports of call, it offers the luxury of sailing along still water, giving you an opportunity to discover sheer mountain slopes covered with dense forests and waterfalls mingling their way through them.

Navigating the twists and turns, you can also see tiny fjord side villages that seem to have stood there for eternity. If you choose your cruise correctly, you may also go for offshore excursions; or simply spend the day lazing on deck, soaking up the sun and enjoying the breeze. 

- The Land of Viking:

Norway also has a long historical tradition. Indeed, it is the land of Vikings and it was from these coasts that the mighty Vikings used to set off in their strong boats, raiding different places in Europe, in the process unifying the continent. 

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Just close your eyes to see the drama that had unfolded centuries ago. If you have time, you must also visit Trondheim, which is however located a little away from the coast. 

First named Kaupangen by Viking King Olav Tryggvason in 997 CE, it was later renamed Nidaros and Trondhjem, before being christened as Trondheim. Historically very important, do visit the city if you can. 

- Land of Midnight Sun:

If on the other hand, you are not interested in Vikings or their history, you need not worry. There are plenty more. In summer, cruise up to the Arctic region to witness the Midnight Sun and enjoy round the clock daylight. In autumn, the same region will offer you a different experience, enthralling you with another unique phenomenon called the Aurora Borealis or the northern lights. 

While you are there, do not forget to visit Narvik, located on the shores of the Ofotfjorden, just beneath Fagernesfjellet Mountain. If you are interested in skiing you can try your luck; otherwise, you can climb up to its snow-capped peak just to enjoy the view. The journey will take seven minutes by cable car. 

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Further north, you can visit the archipelago of Svalbard, where you may have a glimpse of the Arctic fox and Svalbard reindeer. Thereafter you may cruise up to Billefjord and visit the abandoned mining town of Pyramiden, located beneath the Nordenskiƶldbreen glacier. Also call at Longyearbyen, the world’s most northerly town, located at a distance of around 650 miles from the North Pole.

- Cruising along the Southern Coast: 

Indeed, Norway has so much to offer that it is impossible to mention all of them in a single article. But we cannot end the article without taking a cruise along the country’s southern coast. Indeed, if you take such a cruise, you may come across different sets of landscapes; but they will be equally stunning. 

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If you are there, do call at Kristiansand, a delightful old town, having a harbor-front Fish Quay and Oslo, the country’s capital, where you may visit Viking Ships Museum or the Kon Tiki Museum. 

Indeed, a Norwegian cruise is not just beautiful and relaxing, but also very informative.

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