Cope up With Anxiety at Work in an Effective Manner with these Simple Tips

Anxiety is basically the natural response of stress by your body. Feeling of fear and apprehension creeps in when you suddenly start facing something new or unfamiliar circumstances even at a known place.

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A few of the anxiety situations that most of us encounter in our daily life are when you face a stressful situation, your heart beats faster, or when you get an overwhelming task to do you start feeling your palms bit sweaty.

👉 There are changes in your mental response to the situation as you find it more difficult to focus on tasks assigned to you when you feel anxiety. 

👉 Your thoughts wander on the things you are worried about instead of focusing on your work itself.

👉 Sometimes, your restless behavior starts impacting the other members at your workspace. 

When things go out of reach and anxiety levels reach the highest level, the emotion finally flows out like a time bomb explosion which becomes very difficult to handle at that point in time.

Anxiety makes everything worse at your workplace, your performance, as well as your professional relationships, all suffer.

Here I have shared certain tips which may help you in coping up the workplace anxiety in a better way:

Take Small Breaks throughout the Day – 

Most of us make it our routine to wake up to work emails, calls and as soon as we gain our senses we dive in the pool of workload. Even lunch breaks are spent with eyes on emails and food on the table. So it’s time for you to understand that taking mini-breaks in between working hours throughout the day is very important for your mental health.

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This helps in resetting your mind and giving it the needed break for a small period of time which actually makes it more productive and also makes your mood a bit jolly and keeps the unwanted anxiety away from you.

Get Quality Sleep at Night – 

The golden rule to relieve yourself from anxiety is to have quality sleep. Most of the time people underrate sleep and prioritize working or other activities which is totally wrong, sleep is directly proportional to the level of your productivity and energy level of the next day.

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If you don’t get quality sleep then it leads to hyperactive nature and restlessness which leads to anxiety directly. So before going to bed, give your eyes some rest and minimize the use of digital tools and get yourself a minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep – good sleep.

Lay off the Coffee – 

Minimize the consumption of caffeine in any form to keep yourself calm and composed as excess caffeine leads to increased heart rate and physiological symptoms of anxiety.

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Supplement your hydration with a flask full of lemon water which will also help in detoxifying your body or you can head on to some low-calorie juices or smoothies.

Stay connected with your Friends and Family – 

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Connecting to your closed ones when you are stressed can actually do wonders. Social support plays a vital role in managing stress and releasing anxiety.

Practice Muscle Relaxation Exercises or Yoga regularly – 

When you feel stress and anxiety creeping in then you need to tackle it at the initial level itself. Start practicing exercises that relaxed your mind and body. Engage yourself in meditation, yoga, progressive muscle relaxation, and other exercises which can actually help in reducing anxiety levels.

Ask for Help from People around You – 

When you feel you are extremely overloaded with work then you can go and talk to your managers or co-workers as sometimes just by having a discussion about the things, the matter gets resolved and you find the easiest way to sort your workload.

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It not only helps you stabilizing your mind and reduces stress but also brings a solid change in a positive manner in your work-life.

Don’t Ignore the Anxiety or its Symptoms – 

Anxiety is the very normal response when one is stressed and everyone experiences it so there is no need to suppress it. Instead of pushing it away, you need to accept the fact that yes you are feeling a bit stressed and need to deal with it. When you accept and make a room for it then it bothers you less and makes you more productive.

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It is quite obvious to get stressed at the workplace as in between rushing deadlines, projects, people, competition and need to excel at everything one forgets to put some time for self-care which is the best medicine to any stress or anxiety. So there is no need to feel bad about anxiety, it is the normal human response to stress and when there is anxiety there are also tools for its disposition.

Try the above ways to cope with the anxiety when next time it creeps in.

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