Classic Horror Movies That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine | Don’t Watch These Movies Alone

To forget your own reality for a while and to successfully distract yourself from what is happening around you; horror is the best genre to move ahead with. The creepy faces, gory eyes and spooky scenes in these horror shows and movies send chills down the spine and act as the perfect escape.

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Movies are something everybody is addicted to and can’t live without and many online platforms like Netflix, Amazon has now become a part of everyone’s life. These online streaming platforms are doing a great job by delivering good content but it is important for you to choose what you want to see and how you spend your time.

The horror genre is surely difficult to watch but it is something that gives some kick as well. 

So here I have shortlisted few classic horror movies that will surely give you nightmares and make it an escape for you that’s worth. 

Hounds Of Love – 

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IMDb Rating – 6.5/10

This is a perfect example that deliberately shows how human beings can be much scarier than ghosts at times. This tale is amazingly topped with outstanding performances which make it a perfect blend of intense and frightening one.  The story revolves around a homicidal couple John and Evelyn wanders around the streets of Perth, Australia and one-day destiny makes them meet Vicki Maloney. Meeting this teen, who has sneaked out of her home for partying turns into a nightmare for them. Watch this to find more about this!

IT – 

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IMDb Rating - 7.3/10

The movie is an adaption of the book ‘IT’ that was released back in 1986 and people went crazy to read it. It is still among the classic novels. The story revolves around seven kids who came together due to their common issue of being bullied and with the story moving ahead you will find how Pennywise a clown brings the worst nightmare alive for them.

Sinister – 

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IMDb Rating - 6.8/10

The movie has an authentic use of mystery that is going to bring you on the edge of your seat and with mystery; you will also experience fear digging out of your soul. The storyline of the movie is about a crime writer Ellison Oswald who is craving fame. In this fame game, he ends up tangled in a ghostly game that can cost lives. The movie actually fluctuates between a crime game and a scary ghostly story.

Suspiria (1997) –

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IMDb Rating - 7.4/10

Suspiria is a twisted fairy tale of nightmares with an astonishing soundtrack. The movie is presented in an interesting and unique that can actually be called masterful art. The story is about a young girl Suzy who is traveling to Germany to attend ballet school where she comes across a terrifying unknown history of the place after a series of deaths.

The Conjuring 2 - 

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IMDb Ratings – 7.5/10

The movie is about a single mother and her children who witness strange, paranormal events in their house and seek help from investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. It definitely scares the hell out of you but it is also proof that horror films can also be sweet, surprising, and even charming. This movie is a must-watch but make sure not to sleep alone after watching it!

The Exorcist –

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IMDb Rating - 8/10

The movie is for those who love buildup, characterization, and dialect as it is much more than just a typical “girl is possessed” film. This is the only movie in the whole history which has been nominated for 10 Oscars.

Unlike Conjuring, it won’t scare you but surely leave your mind blown. The bottom line of the movie is about an actress who notices dangerous changes in the behavior and physical appearance of her 12-year-old daughter. Go on and watch to find the amazing things about the movie.

Orphan - 

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IMDb Rating - 6.9 / 10    

Despite being stuck in so many controversies, the movie made a tremendous collection of $78.8 at the box office. The story revolves around a couple who recently lost their child and after making up their minds adopts a nine-year-old girl who brings hell a lot of darkness in their lives.  With its twisted and unique plot which will strike fear in your heart, it is a must-watch.

Book your schedule to watch this scary list of ghostly movies on your choice of online platform and enjoy with lots of fear and mysteries.

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