Mother Earth needs you | Best ways to help your planet

Global warming, climate changes and so many other natural calamities have become major issues that we are dealing with in a very frequent manner. Billions and millions of lives are getting affected by these issues. 

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Wildlife, flora and fauna are getting extinct, human ignited forest fires are destroying the natural habitats, scum forests are getting disappeared and even the marine life is at the point of extinction due to huge accumulation of plastics in the oceans.

We are at that stage currently that we need to take constructive and basically practical ways to prevent the global wreck that can help us to load the normal human life as we used to.

If you want to make a move for bringing some change and want to help your mother Earth, then you can do your bit by some of these ways-

Forbid deforestation and promote plantation of more trees– 

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There are millions of cases of deforestation taking place all around the world, and it is impossible to completely forbid deforestation so it is much better to start planting and promoting plantation as much as possible. It will help us to fight with the major issues effectively.

Switch to bamboo toothbrushes– 

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These brushes being eco-friendly are a bit expensive than those regular plastic ones. Bamboo toothbrushes are less harmful to the environment as they decompose pretty quickly and more sustainable. These brushes also have antimicrobial activities which are always good!

Use menstrual cups instead of pads and tampons–

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The menstrual cups are silicon-based soft cups that are revolutionizing the women’s life around their periods. Single-cup has a lifespan of around 5 to 10 years and you need to simply sterilize them by boiling before every use. These cups are recyclable unlike the pads and tampons and best zero-waste methods for managing periods in an effective manner.

Take shower instead of bathtubs or buckets–

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When you use a bathtub or bucket for taking a bath then it makes you spend more water than the required. Help yourself and the planet by taking a shower instead of a bath. And please don’t mistake it by taking yourself for a long shower session, make it a shower only! Save Water, Save Earth.

Use public transport or carpool instead of private– 

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Reduce fossil fuel consumption by taking a bus or a carpool service to reach your office or workspace and help the planet. Yes, private transport is quite comfortable but you need to think about the cons of it as well. Think wisely and act wisely. You can even switch to two-wheelers for playing your part in your way and effectively as well.

Turn off lights when not in use– 

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To reduce the carbon footprint, make sure to switch off the lights and other electric appliances when they are not in use. These small steps taken by you every day will save you very own Mother Earth bit by bit.

Stop consuming meat and go vegan– 

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If you switch yourself to vegan mode than you can reduce the immense pressure that the meat industry has put on the available water and natural resources. Other than this, it also contributes to greenhouse gases on a very large scale.

Stop yourself from using plastic– 

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Whatever you use in your day to day life, plastic is present everywhere, from a pen, office stationaries to water bottles, cars and what & where not! One bottle made of plastic that you throw away today takes the next 100 years to decompose. 

Start acting before its high time, switch to cloth bags when you go shopping, used steel cutlery, carry your own bottle when you leave home and many such small steps can bring a big change.

Play your role wisely in saving our Earth which is our home or should be said as our everything. Nature is a great remedy to many problems. 

Nature works as a pill that can distress you in just 20 minutes. Follow the simple three “R” rule, i.e., Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. 

Volunteer for simple cleanup activities in your community which will inspire others as well. So why to cause any more delay now, start today and be a helping hand in saving your own planet. 

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