The Best Vacation Places To Visit In Florida

The region of Florida is also referred to as Sunshine state and it boasts of 8000 miles of shoreline. This aspect makes it a prime vacation spot today here in the United States.

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Are you feeling overworked and in need of a break? One can make a beeline for Florida and look to spend time away from a hectic corporate schedule.

There is plenty to see here as a tourist and let me offer a quick update in this regard:


The Florida region is home to plenty of tourist spots but there is just no substitute to Orlando. A visit to Florida will remain incomplete without a trip to this location.

One of the highlights of tourism in Orlando today is the Theme Parks. One may have heard a lot about Sea World, Walt Disney World, and even Universal Studios

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It is on a trip to Orlando you can get to see these theme parks in person. These parks have undergone expansion programs over the years and even if you have visited earlier, we would like to say that there is more to see today.

The new additions are Discovery Cove, Typhoon Lagoon, and Volcano Bay. One could visit these parks with the entire family and there is scope to enjoy a lot. If you look beyond the theme parks there are spas, shopping centers, and golf courses to visit here in Orlando.


This city enjoys a South Florida location and it is here a tourist can get a blend of new, old Florida. You surely get a glimpse of modern Florida here but simultaneously there is also the laid back atmosphere in the Miami beaches to enjoy. 

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If you are eager to feel the best of Miami waterfront, we would like to suggest the South Beach. You can enjoy the waterfront and this place has also something more to offer.

You can visit the Art Deco District close by and here one can bump into an ultra-friendly pedestrian mall, which runs parallel to the beach. There are plenty of entertainment activities on the beachfront and the arena is also dotted with water-facing restaurants where you can eat mouth-watering food.

It is here in Miami that one can also get an insight into the history and for that, it is essential to visit Flagler Street. It is here you get a glimpse of the major historical attractions in town.

The city of Miami has certain pockets, which offer you a glimpse into the Caribbean culture.  One can say that there is plenty to see here in Miami. 


You may often tend to associate Florida with the coastline but we would like to say that a lot more is on offer. Are you on the lookout to enjoy some wildlife attractions? If so, the spot we would recommend that you visit is Tampa. The location of Tampa is on the inlet to the west coast of Florida.

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One could visit Busch Garden and it offers a combination of an amusement park, zoo. You could also visit the Tampa Zoo in the Lowry park region and there is also a significantly large aquarium to visit here in Tampa.

Are you traveling with a young kid? If so, one must visit the Glazer Children Museum. Here, your child can learn a lot via creative play themes. 

St Petersburg: 

The precise location of this place is across the bay from Tampa and it surely has a waterfront. However, this place is also renowned for presenting a mild climate.

The main tourist inflow into this region is from the northern states and they arrive here in the quest to escape from the chilly atmosphere prevalent in that part of the country. 

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You could visit the Dockside shops in St Petersburg Pier. The seawater at this location is crystal clear and this is another important aspect. This is also a cultural spot and home to prominent art museums and theaters. 

Key West: 

This is a location in Florida, which is renowned for being the southern tip of the United States. It is an island, which offers architecture from the bygone era and slow-paced lifestyle. One can surely enjoy the waterfront here and also visit Duval Street.

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One will bump into restaurants, souvenir shops, and plenty of historic homes in this street. We would like to point out that a trip to Key West is incomplete unless you have been able to visit the Shipwreck Museum. It is here you get an update on the history of salvaging long associated with this town.

Sanibel Island: 

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The precise location is on the west coast of Florida and it is an important barrier island. It is home to plenty of high-end resorts, which offer luxury accommodation. One can relax here and also experience plenty of ocean adventures. There is also scope to shop at the boutiques, galleries here at this island.  

These are just a few of the many vacation spots on offer in the US state of Florida. This southern state has a lot to offer for tourists and one is bound to enjoy the holiday here.

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