An Insight On The Best Guidebooks To Assist You On The Next European Tour

There are perhaps plenty of you planning to visit Europe on a holiday and it is a dream destination to travel. This is a part of the globe, which offers you wonderful travel experience. 

There is no other continent, which can bring in diversity in terms of language, culture better than Europe. This is a continent, which can offer a superb holiday experience.

If you love the beaches and the nightlife, we would like to say that this continent can offer it in abundance. It is on a European trip that one can have a brush with history also. There is also scope to explore the best of nature on a Europe trip. 

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You will need help: 
There is just no second thought that one will need help for the best European holiday. You could check out with friends and acquaintances for the holiday trip. However, if you take our suggestion, we would insist on the need to go through guide books focusing on Europe. 

There are many popular guide books, which specialize in Europe and this will help to draw out the perfect travel itinerary.

Let me offer an update on some of the popular guide books, which offer insights into a European holiday: 

Lonely Planet Europe:

As someone on the lookout for a travel guide insight, we would like to say that there is just no substitute for the Lonely Planet brand. We have taken mention of the term brand because the Lonely Planet range of guide books is followed religiously by international travelers. 

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This is a guide book suited for mid-range travelers and surely one can look forward to comprehensive details in the European segment. The research done in the Lonely Planet is complete and extensive.

There are plenty of travel experts offering valuable suggestions and simultaneously helping to chalk out the itinerary. It is alongside the travel guide this book will share with readers valuable secrets about the place. You can download the book in the eBook format and it has got a high Amazon rating.

The book covers plenty of countries and the list certainly includes the big names of Britain, Germany, Spain or even Italy. It is alongside you are able to know about popular tourist spots such as Switzerland and smaller countries such as Albania, Croatia, or even Serbia. The book offers a detailed insight into travel and tourism potential in Europe. Lonely Planet as a travel guide book offers a comprehensive insight into travel at some of the best global tourist spots. 

Fodor’s Essential Europe: 

The last book we discussed is a global brand, but if you are eager to read a guide book, which is more Europe based, then it is this one. The most important aspect is that this book has been penned down by local writers.

It is a collection of the top 25 European countries, which you must visit. It is a 1024 page book and enjoys an Amazon rating of 4.3 out of 5. 

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Some of the countries covered here are Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France and Germany. You get to see the hinterland of Europe and they have also covered the tourist spots of Switzerland or even Italy.

Best Of Europe Guide- Rick Steves: 

The author is a renowned American and via his book offers the best insights into Europe travel. Are you eager to travel beyond the beaten path and explore the adventure, this continent has to offer? If so, we would say with conviction this is the best book to follow. 

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He has written extensively on Europe and as you search, one will come across in excess of 50 books written in this category by Rick.

However, this is his best work on European travel till date. This is a book just focusing on just seven countries and hence Rick has been able to offer details. In this work, he has covered England, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland. If you are eager to know about more European destinations, one can go through the other books written by Rick.  

DK Eyewitness Travel Guides: 

This book is ideal for European tourists who rely more on visuals. As you go through the book, one will come across colorful maps, photos, diagrams and even the illustrations. The book is devoid of any excessive details but you get a fine blend of image and text. 

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You get an insight into the major buildings and sights to visit. The book also offers detailed insights of floor maps of major museums and one also comes across plenty of dining suggestions.

Frommer’s Europe: 

This is a major travel biography penned down by American author Frommer. The unique feature of this book is that it is targeted towards a budget-conscious reader. The author has sole rights to the guide books and makes editions in a personal capacity. 

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There have also been additions based on inputs from people with expert knowledge of Europe. It covers countries such as Austria, Belgium, England, France, Germany, Spain and Switzerland. The unique feature of the book is that it shares with you even the negatives about a place. You are mentally prepared for anything negative regarding the spot. 

The Rough Guide First- Time Europe: 
This one is a highly rated travel guide and targeted for tourists visiting Europe for the first time. The book is only 352 pages and hence it is easy to carry around, but there are plenty of essential details. We would like to mention that this particular book is ideal if you intend to travel on a tight budget. 

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This book also offers information on relevant packing, gathering and surely the documents, which you need to carry along. It is via following this book; one will never fall into trouble with the authorities.

Europe By Eurail: 

This book was published recently in 2016 and it is an extensive guide for people eager to travel across Europe by train. You get to witness the beauty of this wonderful continent and the travel experience should be memorable. 

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This book has detailed information and via following the guidelines, it should be a hassle-free tour for you. A Kindle edition of the book is available and you can pick it up.

We have discussed three of the major travel guide books focusing extensively on Europe and one can get the best insights regarding this content. One will come across more such books in the market and one can always select the best for the European holiday. You are sure to have a nice time on the trip.

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