Health and Curd | Adding Curd (Yogurt) to your Diet is Beneficial for your Health and Beauty

The Cooling, soothing, nutritious, and light, fresh and creamy yogurt is something which we all love and simply the best superfood that has many health benefits. Every dish, be it fruit salad, breakfast recipes or blended smoothies becomes wonderful with the goodness of this amazing dairy product.

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It is also used to add texture to curries and it makes a simple cereal breakfast wholesome with its flavors and goodness.

During summer, curd becomes an even more important part of daily meals to efficiently tackle the heat and humidity, which is possible due to its cooling and soothing properties.

Yogurt is not only good for your health but it has many benefits for your skin and beauty as well.

It can also be consumed by those who have lactose-intolerance, as while the process of curdling the lactose present in milk is converted into lactic acid, making it easily digestible for people who are unable to digest milk.

Check a few amazing benefits of curd which I have sorted for you:

Curd improves your Immunity - 

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Curd helps in keeping your gut and intestinal tract healthy due to the presence of active bacteria that fight disease-causing germs. Along with lactobacillus, yogurt is rich in proteins and vitamins as well which gives a boost to your immune system. It is much better to add a bowl of fresh curd in your daily meal instead of popping up pills for a lifetime.

Curd helps in keeping your Blood Pressure in control – 

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Curd helps in keeping blood pressure in control and those who ate it regularly have a lower risk of developing hypertension too. Those who consume non-fat yogurt on a regular basis have very low chances to develop high blood pressure. 

It Keeps Vaginal Infections Away – 

Curd discourages the growth of yeast infection which makes it one of the best recommendations for women to intake regularly.

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Lactobacillus, bacteria that are present in curd restores the yeast balance in the vagina. It also produces hydrogen peroxide that kills the yeast and helps in controlling the growth of infections in the body.

Curd makes your Skin Healthy and Glowing – 

Curd is a natural moisturizer and has great moisturizing effects on skin and simultaneously it also heals the dry skin naturally and effectively.

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The reason behind acne problems from which many people suffer is their gastrointestinal problems, to which curd with its great soothing properties is a great cure and finally leads to your happy and glowing skin. Lactic acid which is an exfoliator is also present in yogurt which makes it an excellent ingredient of face packs, clearing off all your dead cells and blemishes. 

Curd helps in Weight Loss – 

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The curd will prove your best go-to option if you are looking to lose some weight. Curd is considered good for fast digestion as it is probiotic which acts as an aid in the weight loss process. You can opt for low-fat curd recipes too or you can go for Chaach or Buttermilk as it is considered as a good digestive.

Curd is good for Bones – 

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As per the United States Department of Agriculture, a bowl full of curd contains about 275mg of calcium. When you regularly consume yogurt as a part of your diet it helps in maintaining bone density but strengthens them too. 

Curd prevents Dandruff, Hair-Fall and encourages Hair Growth –

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Curd provides nourishment to your hairs; unblocks the hair follicles which reduces the hair fall and aids your hair growth. With high antifungal properties, it helps you in getting rid of dry scalp and dandruff and reduces the risk of fungal growth too.

These are a few benefits that are enlisted here, try these on your own, and share your beautiful experiences with us.

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