Beat the Scorching Summer Heat with these Simplest Tricks Naturally

Summer is the most happening and rejuvenating time of the year. This is the best time when people love to travel, get time to spend with their families, and enjoy to the maximum.

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The only thing that ruins the whole fun and entertainment is this scorching heat that gives a burning sensation. Indeed, you enjoy so much in the warmer months, but everyone needs serious methods to cool down when the heat rises to unbearable levels.

Undoubtedly, heat affects the body negatively as well it ruins one’s mood completely and of course our electric bills too! But don’t let this rising temperature put you down in any way. 

Here are certainly easy and natural tricks to beat this sweltering summer heat:

Dress in Light Colors and light Clothes –

Wearing dark-colored clothes in summer can make you feel really hot and uncomfortable. You should try wearing light-colored like white, sky blue, pink and others. 

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The fabrics that seem to be tight and body-hugging should be avoided by you and you must wear fabrics that make you feel breathable and comfy. You can go cotton or linen fabrics and enjoy the summertime comfortably.

Change the light in your surroundings–

Switch your lights if you are still using an incandescent bulb as these bulbs produce only 10 percent lights and the rest 90% produced by them is heat and only heat. 

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Switch the lights in your home and offices to fluorescent and LED lights that produce less heat and save electricity as well.

Reduce the Use of Microwaves and Oven–

Summer is the time when you cook a lot but here you need to take special care. Reduce the usage of microwaves and oven in your kitchen as these produce heavy heat which moves in other corners of your house/apartments very quickly. 

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Instead, you can go ahead with crackpots and pressure cookers for cooking purposes. 

Eat Food that Cools you down from Inside-

Generally in your diet, you have a lot of food items that cause internal heat, avoid them! Increase the intake of those food items that cools your internal body system like watermelon, cucumber, papaya, and other seasonal fruits and vegetables. 

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And remember you need to avoid excessive salty and spicy food in your meals.

Visit Parks and Walk More on Grass - 

While in summers, everything turns too hot, its grass that doesn’t! And summers are the best time to spend some more time with nature’s beauty and; admire and enjoy time in nearby parks and gardens. 

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Start walking barefoot on the grass under the shade of trees or in the evening and feel the difference on your own that grass actually acts as sun blocker, natural stress buster, and works as natural air conditioners which work even better than your electric ones.

Sip some Peppermint Tea every day - 

Peppermint tea not only helps in reducing your belly fat but it also cools your body internally. 

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The main ingredient of peppermint is menthol which helps your body in cooling down, so instead of having your regular milk tea, try this aromatic and healthy peppermint tea once in a day.

Use Windows and Curtains as Sun Blockers - 

Use white or light-colored curtains to reduce the heat absorption and keep the windows closed and curtains down when the sun is out there! These can prove to be the best ways to keep your home or workspaces cool. 

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Additionally, you can also hang some sheets outside your window to block heat firmly. 

Increase the Number of Showers you take in a Day - 

Just a quick rinse of water and you will feel the magic. Nothing can beat the refreshing benefit that a cold water shower gives but make sure you don’t waste much water while your enjoyment. 

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Avoid using warm water; it can make you feel even more irritated. Showers work magically in summers.

These are some of the best magical and natural tricks to beat the summer heat. Don’t just read and forget, try these, and feel relaxed and comfortable even in this scorching heat and hot weather. 

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