A guide prior to going on a trekking trip to Nepal

The country of Nepal is renowned for offering to the world a wonderful trekking experience. The country offers a rugged, underdeveloped look and this is just what trekkers love to explore. 

You could always think of a trek to Nepal, but there is a need to plan a bit. It is after all rugged terrain and the mountain communities are isolated. The other key concern is the weather fluctuations and the supplies are also limited.

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Hence, there are a few problems for trekkers into Nepal, but we are certainly not suggesting that you shelve the plans. One could plan a bit and the trekking experience into Nepal should be memorable. 
Let us discuss on these lines. 

You will need a guide: 

The guys with experience of trekking in Nepal have to say that it is not a mere suggestion, but a necessity. There are a few regions in Nepal where it is mandatory to avail trekking with a guide. 

It is alongside the other key hazard faced is the Nepali language. You also need to be familiar with the transport system and it is precisely here that a guide can help out. 

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One must note that a guide offers something more than just walking around with you. They tell you about the place and arrange for transportation. A guide will also help you to secure accommodation. 

The guides are trained and are aware of what precisely to do in case of sickness or natural disasters. The porter on the other hand can save you from pain. He will bear the heavy luggage load and you can walk freely. 

Do not rely on the map: 

One of the key hazards of trekking in mountain terrain is that the map could be misleading. There is no one to blame here because such regions have to incur landslides and surely there are changes in river courses. There have also been instances of altitudes being marked wrong. 

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In fact, there is a famous case to support our augment and trekkers had to say that for Nepal specific Lake Gosaikunda was marked in a map 1000 meter lower than its precise altitude. It would be foolish to follow the maps blindly and once again the experience of a guide will come in handy here. 

The local population can walk faster: 

A key point to note during trekking in Nepal is that the local population walks a lot faster. This is significant and let me explain a bit to you. It is during the treks that one may often desire to check out on the time taken to reach the next destination. 

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You would probably talk to the locals and the answer could be such that it will take an hour to reach a specific destination. It is here one must realize that it could take double the time. 

The locals are habituated to walking around in mountain terrain and they are fast. You are sure to struggle a bit and so it is important to make sure that the time taken could be double.  

You will need to prepare for the weather: 

The trekkers with previous experience in Nepal insist on the need to be prepared for adverse weather. You could be in the company of a guide on the trek and he may even suggest carrying a water purification system. 

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It is alongside that we would insist on the need to carry a small first-hand kit. There is also a need to pack the clothes wisely and assess the utility of each item. 

The boots and trekking poles: 

These are basic aspects of trekking in Nepal or even perhaps anywhere. There is a need to select the footwear with care and you will need proper trekking boots. Your guide or even the porter may not wear it, but one must be careful. The porter or even the guide is a local and their feet are habituated with such terrain. 

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However, you will need protection against slippery surfaces and we would insist on the need to wear proper boots. One will also need to take trekking poles and this will show that you have converted well to trekking. 

This is a basic guide on the preparations, which you will need to undertake while preparing for a trek to Nepal. If you have time you can also explore kinnaur popular as the last village of India. One must follow these guidelines and the experience is bound to be really memorable.

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