5 ways to overcome the most common impairment of brain – Sleep Deprivation

Like right eating, drinking, breathing, and exercising, an adequate amount of sleep is required for keeping oneself physiologically and psychologically fit.

Quality sleep is one of the basic necessities for a healthy living.

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Have you ever observed what happens to you when you don’t sleep enough for just one night? You start being anxious about every small thing, irritation, anger, lethargic behavior become your friend for the day and you don’t even realize that the root cause of your not so good day was inadequate sleep.

And now just think what if this process continues for days, weeks, or months?? The result of this prolonged process can be devastating!

❓ But the question that now arises is how much sleep do you really need?
📑 The answer to this question is, as per the National Sleep Foundation, U.S, everyone, with few exceptions, needs seven to nine hours of sleep a night for the body and mind to perform optimally. It is the best meditation for your body and soul.

Here we are sharing a few ideas that can help you with better sleep at night-

Include Meditation, Yoga, and Mindfulness in your routine- 

This MMY technique helps to calm and relax your body and improves the level of sleep.

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Meditation helps in relaxing the body and also it brings peace to your mind and soul while enhancing inner peace.

Yoga helps in increasing the quality of sleep which makes it more restful for you and it helps in improving the breathing and reduces the stress level, anxiety in your life which leads to better sleep contributing to a better quality of life.

Mindfulness is the utmost sense of awareness, keeping an eye on your thoughts, actions, and body states. It teaches you to focus on the present moment instead of bothering about what has happened in the past and what is going to happen in the future.  It improves your life quality by improving your emotional regulation, creativity-enhancing your sleep level.

So, start practicing this MMY technique from today itself!

Practice a calming bedtime routine – 

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Start adopting a soothing bedtime routine, make a list of things which you would do 30 minutes prior to you go to sleep which put you in a mood to sleep. This list may include-

Play some relaxing music around you.

Visualize things that make you happy.

Show gratitude for all the good things that happened with you since morning.

And many more ……

And will following a particular schedule help you even more in this process, i.e, going to bed at the same time every night will help you regulate your inner clock.

Avoid taking Nap-breaks in the daytime – 

Short nap-breaks prove to be beneficial but when these become longer or irregular, it can have negative effects on your night sleep.

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The effects of these short breaks depend on person to person, to find out its effects on you try eliminating/ limiting them from your current schedule.

Reduce the use of electronics or turn off them – 

Tv, videogames, cellphones and social networking are the worst enemies of good sleep or you can say the best distractions for keeping you away from your beauty sleep.

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Excessive uses of these devices before your bedtime have terrible effects on your sleep. Turn off your gadgets before going to bed and have a peaceful night.

Keep a watch on what and when to Eat/Drink – 

    ⦁ It a proven from the researches that, what you eat/drink before you go to bed affects your sleep. For example, it is recommended to minimize the consumption of caffeine, nicotine, or alcohol for good sleep quality.

    ⦁ Avoid consuming excessive liquid 1-2 hours before going to bed.

    ⦁ Avoid heavy food in your dinner. It may lead to a less restful night.

If you have something heavy in your dinner, try to consume it 3-4 hours before you sleep time so it can be digested by your body.

Good food leads to a good life.

Some other small tips for a good night sleep – 

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    ⦁ Get a comfortable bed, mattress and pillow of your choice.

    ⦁ Take a relaxing shower/bath.

    ⦁ Try reading before going to bed.

    ⦁ Clear your mind of any negative thoughts.

    ⦁ Stay active all day.

    ⦁ Try to adjust your sleep position.

    ⦁ Drink a soothing beverage 1-2 hours prior to bedtime.

The bottom line of all the points is for leading a healthy life we need to get quality sleep.

And, happiness consists in getting good sleep.
Just that, Nothing more! Take care 

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