Mentally tired? Some Simple ways to relieve yourself from this stress and feel refreshed

Life seems to be challenging each day and when you have to fight with these challenges you need to very active and mentally fresh to avoid any kind of damage from it. Feeling of mental fatigue can happen to anyone and there is a big difference between mental stress and mental tiredness. 

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When one is suffering from stress whether mental, emotional or physical then there arises a feeling of mental tiredness, making you feel like you are in a dark hole and there is no way out for you.
The symptoms of mental fatigue may vary from person to person and sometimes it causes some behavioral changes in you which are noticed by others much before then you yourself realize the same.

Here is a list of few tips to make your every day a bit more positive and to bring some basic lifestyle changes to make you learn your own life in a better way.

⦁ Start the day with a glass of lukewarm water

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An ayurvedic way of treating your body helps the mind and body to boost and get ready for a refreshing day ahead. It also helps in releasing the toxins from the body and maintaining body temperature.

⦁ Include Workout for 10 minutes in your routine

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For keeping yourself mentally fresh and active, it is necessary to include some kind of physical activity in your busy schedule. It can be any activity which you enjoy the most like dancing, running, skipping rope or anything else. This will also help to boost your immunity.

⦁ Start keeping a daily journal

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Preparing daily journal helps in various aspects. It helps in analyzing the works that you have done for the day and preparing the to-do list for the next day, putting all your life together at a single place and removing all the clutter from your life. Writing off your life helps in reducing the anxiety and let you be more grateful for what you have.

⦁ Listen to music and tune into your body

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Lie back, sit with your feet on the floor and listen to some relaxing music. Mentally scan your body while listening and observe how your inner self is feeling. Calm music helps in lowering the blood pressure level, reduces cortisol, stress linked hormone and leaves a positive effect on the body. You can listen to music while doing work also if not getting a few minutes from your busy schedule.

 Clean your room once in a while

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Nobody likes it to find the place they live in as a messy corner. When you clean the room and rearrange the belongings in your own way gives you satisfaction and also helps in refreshing your mind and knowing yourself in a better way.

⦁ Make reading a habit and keep yourself occupied

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Reading a book per month is a good habit, it makes you ready some pages every day. The book can be any of your choices but make sure to read the hardcopy, not a digital version. When you start reading, it enhances your patience level, creates interest in the story and leaves you with many lessons. When you read before going to bed it also helps in improving sleep quality.

⦁ Drink a cup of your favorite non-alcoholic drink every day

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When you have something favorite around, it boosts up your energy level and who doesn’t have a drink as their fav! Non-alcoholic drinks also have many varieties like smoothies, juices, tea, coffee, green tea, lemon tea and many more smashing drinks, so for one of your choices and feel energetic. 

⦁ Spend some time without any gadget around you

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With so many negative effects; electronic gadgets are also taking a lot of your lone time. Every day just turns off all your gadgets and be alone for a few minutes and enjoy your own company.

⦁ Talk to parents/friends every day

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Spare a few minutes and reach out to your near and dear ones. Talking to the people close to your heart releases the negative energy and refreshes your mood and mind both.

⦁ Observe fasting once in a month

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Fasting is one of the best ways to detox your body. Eating junk food has become a part of lifestyles these days so it becomes quite necessary to give rest to your body.

These are some simple tricks for releasing all the tiredness from your mind and of course, there is no hard and fast rule in giving them a try. Let yourself personally experience the awesomeness of the tips and enjoy life at its best. 

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