Protective measures while going on tour post COVID-19 lockdown

Covid-19 now this is the most discussed word in the world. This deadly coronavirus outbreak is spread in most of the countries of the world. Everything is locked down due to this pandemic situation. Everyone is praying to God to get relief from this deadly disease. 

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If you think that traveling is a part of your life, then you can plan for a safe traveling after lockdown. Not only you, but almost everyone in the world is planning for their next tour after lockdown.

Here are some protective measures that you can follow when traveling after COVID-19.

Wash your hands

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This basic hygienic habit may help you to avoid the risk of infection. When you will be traveling, you may come in contact with many peoples, places, and things.

It may vigorously breed the infection in your house. You can think about sanitizer, but remember it will only act as a backup. Still follow the proper guidelines to sanitize your home.

Sanitizer is not so effective that a handwash is. So it is recommended to wash your hands with lukewarm water and a good handwash for coronavirus avoiding. Do this practice for at least 20-30 seconds when you are traveling after COVID 19. 

Use bottled water to avoid food contamination

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Traveling abroad after coronavirus may bring different types of risks. When traveling outside, you cannot be sure about the food quality or purity of the water. In that case, you should be particularly aware of any kind of food contamination.

Remember, coronavirus infection primarily spread from the poultry market. Before you take food outside, make sure it is cooked well and nothing is raw there. Avoid eating those foods that were left as exposed for a long time. 

Get vaccination first


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Still, there is no particular vaccination for coronavirus. In that case, some of the vital flu and infection shots can be effective for lowering the chance of getting affected by the common cold, flu, and influenza.

Because these all are linked with the spread of COVID 19 infection. It also reduces respiratory infection risk. If you are traveling outside after COVID 19, consult a healthcare professional to get advice.

Make other people aware

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You should limit contact with people who are sick. Don't forget to keep a distance from other people, when you are traveling on a flight after the coronavirus, train, or cruise.

If you think that you are developing any symptoms of any infection, take help from your physician and inform it to other people.

After returning from outside, practice self-isolation. Don't come in contact with people, who are showing cold symptoms because it starts as primary symptoms of COVID-19.

Don't touch eyes, nose or mouth more frequently


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Masks for COVID-19 can not give protections you from all the risks together. You should not touch your eyes, mouth, and nose more frequently especially when it is not washed with a good handwash.

If you touch anything infected with bare hands, then the infection can be spread through your mouth and eyes. So be careful and before you touch your mouth and eyes, wash your hands and sanitize it again. 

Know the present situation about your destination

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When you will be planning for any international or domestic tour after COVID-19, try to know the government advisory about the same place. Whatever, it is - the rules are always the same to protect yourself from the coronavirus wherever you go. 

You can also read: European countries are going to start tourist activities by relaxing lockdown measures.

Fly with travel insurance


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This is most probably the most important protective measure, that you should not skip. Some of the travel insurance policies cover medical benefits if there is anything medical emergency.

Try to avail of travel insurance that is applicable when you are caught with the coronavirus. Of course, a travel insurance policy for the coronavirus cannot help you from the contamination of this infection, but you can get the necessary medical help from it. So buy travel insurance policy online and avail of all the medical help that you need. 

These all are the protective measures that you should follow for traveling after COVID-19. Some of the cities in the world have also been declared as COVID-19 free and some of them are still a risk.

Try to follow all the restrictions provided by the government and have safe traveling after lockdown.

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