Productive work from home tips for working moms - during quarantine with kids

Are you also a working mum and finding it difficult to manage the work and family together in the lockdown? If you are also juggling with endless calls, emails, projects & deadlines and can't handle them due to the interruptions of kids then you are reading the right post. Yeah COVID-19 started from Wuhan, China is reaching new heights, reached to your country and we all are in quarantine in order to follow the rules of the government. And being a mother, wife and daughter-in-law it's a daunting task to do all services for everyone as everyone is at home and you have to take care of meals, cleaning, studies of children and entertain them.

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It is obvious that having kids makes you more productive but if they are there all the time then it is quite tough. Now schools are closed for the unknown period but your office projects are still pending and you have to to complete it by the due date. At the same time, you are the teacher and friends of both for kids. But by not feeling burdened and by dividing duties you can easily do everything and can work for your office efficiently, you just have to schedule and plan creatively in order to achieve the goal.

So, don't get panic, here are some tips by the moms and experts you can opt to do work from home with children. 

Create a family plan

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When kids are in the home, it is vital that they must be aware of the situation. Take time and explain the situation to them that you have to work for the office also. By communicating they understand where their limits are off and behave like that only. But you can take a break for them. Involve all the members in the basic duties of the house.

Scheduling is the key

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Schedule their study time and your office time too and make it transparent for everyone to follow the time table daily except holidays. Perfect schedule bound all the members to what they can expect from you in your working hours and they don't feel bad if you deny them something. Jansen, the founder of an online decluttering business, based in London says that she put her husband and kids on the same schedule for the two weeks, did breakfast, lunch and dinner at the time and took 2 breaks for exercise and in the meantime, they all do their stuff related to office and school and it works excellently.

You can organize your tasks online too. is the best online tool for task management.

Switch the tasks

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You can swap the duties with your husband like you have to plan the academic schedule for kids. Then you and your husband can do it alternatively. Or you can fix the task like women are good at managing home and men stock all the grocery for home. Don't multitask, it will result in you being less productive. Other than this, everyone in the home works on one task solely and perfectly.

Use the naptime as an asset

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Children mostly use to sleep in the day time so whether your kids sleep for an hour or two use that time as an advantage. You can finish the important calls and reply to important emails that require your complete time and attention. If your kids don't feel tired and don't want to sleep you can give them a task like to rearrange the books on shelves or a simple drawing assignment or any task that enhances their creativity.

Segregate the roles of a mother and a businesswoman

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For being more productive you have to detach the role of a businesswoman from your motherly role. You can do it by making a separate workspace where you can work without the interruption of your kids and they will surely understand the situation if you explain them the importance.

Ask for little help if required

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You can't allow any outsider as a maid to help you out but if you required you can keep a permanent or a babysitter that stays in your home for 24*7 for your kids if they are so small and need your attention every time. But when she enters your home for the first time take care of proper sanitization.

Enjoy the time with kids

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At home, you are your own boss and if your kids want your time, then take a break and enjoy yourself with them. It is proven that a person is more productive if he is happy and with your kids it is obvious. You can join online yoga courses and do yoga with kids and husband.
It will surely boost your immunity and you can enjoy time with the family. You can try new easy go recipes with kids on weekends, or some new trending drinks like dalgona coffee, kori kohi coffee or blue tea.

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For sure it is a different situation and challenging situation but together you can rock it and make it the best time. There are many ways you can enjoy the work from home as the best gift of 2020. Stay Happy, Stay Safe.

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