Negative Self-Talks: 7 Best tips to deal with your inner negative thoughts

What are you thinking right now? Are you thinking of paying bills or how to give height to your business or thinking about old school friends? This is how our mind works. We keep thinking and talking to ourselves for long hours. And it happens a lot of time when we are saying the negative words to ourselves, criticizing our self for our steps that didn't turn well.

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Self negative talk are these little negative voices from the inner self, like 'I am not good in driving so I should leave that for my own safety' or 'I didn't score well in maths so maybe it's not my cup of tea'. But are we going correctly? Did you know the negative self-talk is the worst thing you do to yourself unaware of the fact that it is deteriorating you somewhere inner? It hinders the ability to have faith in yourself, it affects your confidence and potential. It limits your mind to take the next big step even in a positive direction. It is very important for you to control your thoughts. If you don't do that then your thoughts will start controlling you and that can go in a negative direction also.

So here we are suggesting some tips that how to deal with negative self-thoughts.

1. Try to analyze the truth behind the scene

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Humans have the great ability to assume the things and many great scientists discovered the great theories that started from the assumptions. But then they applied their theories to the real world also to check whether the hypothetical value is correct or not. You have to do the same thing. Ask yourself a question and analyze the truth behind the stories you are weaving in your mind. Forex. If you got a 'C' in your test it simply doesn't mean you can't score 'A'. You have to interpret what was the reason behind it and then have to work accordingly.

2. Interpret the longevity of the situation you are in

Analyze the permanence of the situation for how long you will stay in a state of anxiety or stress. For example, you are crying or criticizing yourself for a matter that actually doesn't matter after a year then you are doing wrong to yourself. Accept the things and heal by the situation after interpreting its future.

3. Shift the spotlight in a creative way

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If you're feeling low or stressed because of a particular problem or in a particular space then shift your focus or move out where you are feeling suffocating. Walk or try to spend some time with nature that distresses you amazingly. Try some instant ideas like cook something different, listen to songs, talk to friends or give a new look to your home that will help you to be creative and engaging. 

4. Spend some time alone and observe your feelings

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When you are feeling super negative then try to observe your feelings from where this negativity is coming from. Give some time to yourself, think about yourself without any judgments. Try to differentiate between your true self-talks and negative self-talk. It will hell you to realize your true identity that you are the negative person but may the situation is.

5. Learn self-compassion

Self-compassion is the art of being kind and gentle to yourself. Do the same things for yourself, you do for your loved ones and treat yourself as the best. Just like a mother loves her child, in the same way, try to love yourself too.

6. Be grateful to happy and good things

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Practice gratitude and be grateful to things that are going well and making you happy. According to experts, you feel positive and happy when you pay gratitude to the good things.

7. If nothing works, Consult the expert

If you are not able to deal with your negative thoughts then you can seek support from the professional before the monster comes out of the molehill.

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Now stop thinking about how you adapt to all these points in a day. If you treat yourself as the same affinity you'd show a friend, it will be so much easier to take over and win. Go slow, start meditating and try the above suggestions to overcome your negative thoughts. If you have more suggestions for our readers then please share in the comment box.

Stay Happy. Stay Alive!!

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