From Latte to Affogato – Know about the different coffee that may become your cup of joy

One of the most popular drinks around the world is Coffee.  There are various types of coffee drinks out there just waiting to be enjoyed by you but yes only a true Coffee lover actually understands the importance of having the right proportions of coffee, milk, water, and sugar in a perfect cup of happiness. 

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These are a few different types of coffee along with the method by which they can be made easily:

⦁ Espresso

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A drink of Italian origin that is brewed by forcing water under pressure through coffee beans. It is the foundation of many other drinks and also known as a short black.  Espresso is considered as the darkest and strongest flavor of coffee one can have.

Brewing Method: It is simply made by forcing boiling water under pressure through coffee beans brewing a cup of your favorite drink which is thicker than those made by other methods.

⦁ Irish Coffee

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A cocktail is a perfect blend of coffee, Irish whiskey, and sugar; and topped with cream. Irish coffee was invented by Foynes, Country Limerick's head chef in 1940s winters. The usage of whiskey in it, makes it a unique one and it is commonly available in all the restaurants, coffee parlors and if you have whiskey at home you can give it a try at home also. 

Brewing Method: Warm your cup and add whiskey into it. Add sugar for sweetening, pour coffee into this and finally top the mouth-watering cocktail with whipped cream.

⦁ Affogato

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Affogato is a must try and it is a bit difficult to decide it is a beverage or a dessert. The beverage is made using the hot and bitter espresso to melt the gelato (Indian style ice-cream) resulting in a creamy coffee and ice cream which will make you get immersed in its yummy flavor as the name of coffee also means the same “drowned.” In some of the variations, alcohol is also used. This beverage is really a pure bliss.

Brewing Method: Chill the mug at first and then add a scoop of Gelato/Vanilla ice cream in it. At last, pour freshly prepared espresso over the ice-cream and enjoy the splashing drink.

⦁ Café Latte

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This is one of the most popular coffees among coffee lovers. It has creamy and frothy texture and is comparatively light and sweeter which makes it a preferred one by most of the people. It can be served hot or cold and sometimes also referred to as milk coffee. Not a suitable choice for those who love strong and dark flavored coffee.

Brewing Method: Simply made with steamed or scolded milk poured into freshly brewed espresso and topped with foam to make it more creamy and frothy.

⦁ Cappuccino

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Cappuccino is a strong and dark cup of coffee that tastes amazing whether served hot or cold.  It is quite similar to Latte is more frothy and chocolaty than Cappuccino. Again, this coffee is much loved by most of the people.

Brewing Method: In freshly brewed espresso, add some milk and foam and do the delicious topping of chocolate. Make sure to use less milk as compared to Latte.

⦁ Mocha

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This is inspired by the coffee beverage Bicerin and basically of American origin. Mocha is a fusion of hot chocolate and cappuccino and hot chocolate; also known as Mochaccino.  When it is made with chocolate or hazelnut, it tastes more like a milkshake or dessert which makes it suitable for even the non-coffee drinkers.

Brewing Method: Gently mix the hot chocolate with espresso and top with steamed milk and microfoam, and here your cup of lip-smacking mocha is ready.
⦁ Turkish coffee

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The coffee beans used in this coffee are much finer than the ones used in others and made in a special copper pot. It has a very special aroma and wonderful taste. It has a distinct method of brewing which makes it just more than a coffee.

Brewing Method: A teaspoon of ground coffee to 1.5 cups of water and then boiled in a Cezve. While boiling, foam is formed which is at first removed and then served on top of the coffee.

The flexibility of coffee is the main reason behind its popularity; one can enjoy it simply, add caramel/chocolate to it, hot or ice-cold, and even combine it with ice cream. Let yourself get immersed in these heart-wrenching flavors and share your experience with us.

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