Regular intake of salads can do magic to you | Know the benefits

One small change in your diet can add plenty of benefits to your health and that is just adding a plate full of salad every day. Salads whether fruit/vegetable are somethings that are composed of a few ingredients and make a nutrient-rich meal for you. It is the first thing that comes to my mind when I think about eating something healthy.

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Apart from the health benefits, salads are cool, crunchy and way fun to eat with so many colors, textures and flavors. A plate of salad alone has calcium, iron, potassium and B vitamins and many basic style salads which include tomatoes, sweet peppers and the greens, are box-full of antioxidants. Will you really ask for anything else on the menu if you are already served a well-balanced salad that hits all of your nutritional needs and cravings for anything else!

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If you would understand the wonderful benefits that salad does to your body, you would never miss it again. Keep on reading to find out what wonder happens to your body when start having healthy salad for all three meals.

⦁ Salads help in Digestion

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Being healthy and light, salads are very easy to digest. Mostly after having a heavy meal you often feel bloated and overloaded, it’s the time when the digestive properties of salads come into action and help in your digestion effectively. Salads are extremely beneficial in the overall digestion process.

⦁ Salads help in boosting Immunity

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The availability of anti-oxidants in high proportion and the rich high fiber content in salads helps in better digestion which in turn leads to improved immunity and overall wellness. The harmful antibodies that damage your natural health state are better prevented as salads make your immune system stronger. With eating good you have to do physical exercise daily to boost your immunity.

⦁ Salads make your diet Fiber-Rich

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Salads are very rich in fiber, which makes them helpful in resolving constipation issues and lowers the cholesterol level as well. It also provides a huge amount of energy to your body. Salads also help you reduce the amount of overeating as it makes you feel a bit fuller which reduces the amount of food you eat after it.

⦁ Salads help in stopping cravings for Sweets

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Salads come to protect you when the cravings for sweets, ice-creams (which are actually very harmful) reach to the peak. Adding a few sweet elements in your salad like berries or anything else or even you can make yourself a fruit salad to calm your sweet buds which is the healthiest and harmless solution.

⦁ Salads are best for Eyes

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The elements which are present in fruits/vegetables like zinc, lutein, and others help in sharpening eyesight and prevention of cataracts or other eye problems. Carrots, spinach, strawberries, oranges and other green veggies and fruits which are rich in vitamins A, C and E are your saviors among other benefits.

⦁ Salads help in keeping your heart healthy

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Regular intake of fruits and vegetables in your diet as salads reduces hypertension and heart problems. Adding tomatoes, carrots, peaches and some other veggies along with some fat-free dressings available in the market make a perfect salad for your healthy heart.

⦁ Salads help in improving Sleep Quality

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The lactucarium present in lettuce which is available in salads helps you in sleeping better. With the help of salads, you can help in treating your insomnia up to a certain extent as it as certain sleep-enhancing compounds that also help in relaxation. Eat right, Sleep tight!

⦁ Salads help in beating the heat

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Salads keep your body hydrated as they are very light, nourishing and have a high content of water which helps in reducing the heating effects of summers. 

There are many other benefits of having salad regularly like it helps in fighting constipation, in weight loss and they are super tasty, super healthy as well as very easy to make. In fact, you can different variants of salads every day by changing a few ingredients which are super nutritious but just make sure to stay away from any ingredient which can cost your health. 
You can even go ahead with fruit salads to make your diet super cool.

And remember eating salad is only a step in achieving good health, other ingredients are also very important like balanced food intake, keep yourself hydrated, work out sessions, and maintaining a good sleep schedule.  So go ahead and start with making Salads a part of your daily meals. 

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