India’s best places to travel with school going kids

Traveling with school going kids is one of the happiest times for the parents as well as kids. Being one of the most historical and traditional places of the world, India offers various ranges of super cool traveling places to the people - be it incredible Manali, or be it the mystical palaces and forts of Rajasthan or it can also be impressive long stretched beaches of South India. 

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As per a recent study, it is seen that traveling has a positive impact on school going kids that help them in their personal development.

Almost all teachers in India believe that a child who travels in different places tends to have more tolerance and respectfulness to others than the child who didn't. 

So if you also want to see your child as independent, self-esteemed and confident, check the below five places that are best for your little school going kids. 

⦁ Jammu and Kashmir

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The first place that comes in our mind while having a vacation with kids. Unparalleled beauty to breathtaking views with lip-smacking foods - Kashmir has everything.

Just imagine when you will take your child to Kashmir tour and will explain why these destinations are important, your child will feel lucky to be there. 

The simple lifestyle of the people of Kashmir and their affection towards their land will teach your child a different lesson about mortal life.

Make them happy with houseboat stay in Kashmir, or skiing in Gulmarg and make them happy with horse riding in Aru valley. Such an experience will make you thankful to your little prince. 

Places to visit in Kashmir: Srinagar, Pahalgam, Sonmarg, Yysmarg, Gulmarg

⦁ Puri, Odissa
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Please don't take it otherwise. I am not telling you to make your child be the follower of any certain faith. This is another spectacular Char Dham sites in India and it has a lot to offer you.

Soothe your eyes by seeing the rich architectural heritage of India. The long stretched sandy beaches that meet the horizon of the sky, and the breathtaking view of the sunrise in seashore make your child get a lesson about the blessings of the goddess of nature.

Have a visit Chilka Lake Bird Sanctuary that houses different colorful fishes and Nandankanan which is one of the great wildlife Sanctuary in Puri and famous for housing white tigers. 

Places to visit: Chilka Lake Bird sanctuary, Jagannath temple, Konark Temple 

⦁ Bihar

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I think I am missing any remarkable place which is ideal for traveling with kids. Have you guessed it? Oh yes, It is Bihar.

Bihar is such a place that boasts the incredible and glorious history of India and your child should be aware of that. Once the royal seat of Emperor Ashoka enlightened the glory of this state. This is the state that still reminds us of the great Gautam Buddha.

If you are going for a Bihar tour with children then never miss amazing Gaya. Show your child some of the important sites for  Hindus, Buddhist and Jains and where the greatest peoples of India have created undeniable history. 

Places to visit in Bihar: Vishnupad Temple, Brahmajuni, Tergar Monastery, Refugee market

⦁ Gujarat

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How can I deny the contribution of the land of white salt in India's tour with children?  Keep all the above-mentioned places on one side and take the Gujarat tour on the other side.

From extraordinary wildlife of Gir National Park to all the architectural delight at Heritage buildings or the stunning beaches of Jamnagar is enough to fascinate your child.

Give your child a glimpse of Gujarati souvenirs and handcraft items and let them understand the livelihood of the hardworking people of this state. 

Places to visit: Bhuj, Hosla village, Dhordo village, Kala Dungar

⦁ Rajasthan

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With its marvelous architectural delights, unconditional romance and rich cultural Heritages Rajasthan offers some of the unforgettable experiences for the travel enthusiast.

Take your child through camel safari in the long stretched SAM dunes. Don't forget to make your heritage tour in Rajasthan unforgettable with a knowledgeable tour guide.

The handicrafts of Rajasthan are also excellent and these fantastic palaces, monuments of Rajasthan really deserve a visit from the young generation so that they can understand the importance of preserving it. 

Places to visit: Jaisalmer fort, Gadsisar lake, desert culture center or museum, Bada Bagh, Lodhubra, National Park and etc. 

There are so many places that are ideal for traveling with family and kids. As a responsible citizen, we should impart our future generation to gather knowledge about our ecosystem, culture and history of incredible India. I think traveling with school going kids is the best way to make them aware of it. So why wait? Start your backpack and enjoy a fascinating India tour with your li'l one.

Happy journey. 

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