Excellent uses of Coconut oil that will leave you amazed

Coconut oil is a beauty staple that has a long shelf life and various health benefits. Its various uses have been discovered: like a breath freshener, makeup remover, hair treatment, lip care product, and many more. It can be used for anything to everything from healing scars to moisturizing dry knees.

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Coconut oil is a very popular oil. Along with being easily available, it isn’t very expensive as well. It has a good content of antioxidants and goodness of beautiful and calming scents. The oil is commonly found in every house and not everybody is aware of the benefits of this magical oil which is much more than a moisturizer. 

Once you will come to know about the beauty and health of coconut oil, you will definitely want to try them, so just go on and read some of them-

⦁ It works like nothing else as a massage oil

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For increasing blood circulation, relaxing muscles, reducing pains, and rejuvenating the skin, it works best. For fixing the joint pains, it serves better. Due to its contents, it helps in providing necessary lubrication to the body and reduces inflammation and also increases the supply of oxygen to the skin.

⦁ It provides the best nourishment to scalp and hair

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For having a soothing massage experience for your hair and scalp, just warm oil in the microwave and let yourself enjoy the lovely experience. It deeply nourishes the hair and its contents like fatty acids turn hair super soft acting as a conditioner. It helps in repairing dry and rough hair, also protects hair from losing the protein and strengthens them. Make it a part of your daily hair care routine and enjoy the rejuvenating experience. 

⦁ It provides relief in Itching
Coconut oil work as a simple and very effective ointment in case of burns, bug bites, and bruises and provides a soothing effect.

⦁ It works well as Under Eye cream

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Instead of spending a huge amount on under eye creams, you can start using coconut oil a dab of it on under eye area which has bags and fine lines. It works effectively in hydrating the area and also gentle massage of some oil on your eyelids helps in making them voluminous and strong.
⦁ It works amazingly on your lips

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The minerals present in coconut oil keeps your lips hydrated very effectively. Flappy and clapped lips can easily be cured using it as a lip scrub or balm. For an easy and DIY lip scrub you simply need to mix coconut oil, honey, and sugar. You can also prepare lip balm by mixing it with olive oil and honey.

⦁ It works as a breath freshener and keeps your teeth healthy

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Oil pulling or in other words gargling  20 minutes with coconut oil help in removing germs from the mouth which in turn leads to whiter teeth, healthy gums and fresh breath. It also helps in preventing tooth decay. Even you can prepare simple DIY toothpaste with it by mixing coconut oil with an equal part of baking soda.

⦁ It also works as a lice remedy

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First, rinse apple cider on your head and when it dries, apply coconut oil to the whole head and let it rest for 12 to 24 hours and then the first comb your hair and afterward wash with shampoo.

⦁ It helps in cleaning the make-up brushes – Mix two parts of antibacterial soap and one part of coconut oil and now you can easily perform your regular makeup brush cleaning ritual. You can also use it one of the best make-up removers with no side-effects.

⦁ It is a wonderful Stretch Mark Cream-  Moms of just-born babies should apply coconut oil on stretch marks to get rid of them and other than that even others can use it to remove any kind of scars. It actually removes all of them magically.

⦁ Rub it on the chest, nose to combat Congestion and Sinus – Simply mix two tablespoons of coconut oil, five drops of eucalyptus oil and three drops of peppermint oil and rub it on your palms and then apply it on your chest, hands, nose, and even feet to fight against congestion, sinus headaches and stuffy noses with no more delay.

Here I tried to share some of the simple yet magical benefits of coconut oil and it is just something which has so much stuff to do. But make sure to take advice by your skin expert before trying anything and it is best to use organic or virgin coconut oil for intake and applying on skin.

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