European countries are going to start tourist activities by relaxing lockdown measure

Getting bored in this lockdown period? You have the same situation that cores of people are facing. But here a good news for you if you want to get flight updates after a lockdown in Europe.

Some of the countries across Europe are started to ease lockdown measures. They have decided to resume both domestic and international travel if you are planning about traveling abroad after lockdown.

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Some of the parts of Spain and Italy now have low infection rates and they started to open restaurants, bars, museums, and some other non-essential shops. And if you want to enjoy the glimpses of Keukenhof's Tulip Gardens of Netherlands you can take an online tour.

Find a list of European countries that going to start tourist activities by relaxing all the lockdown measures. 


This country has allowed cross border travel with some selected neighboring countries. The borders are open with Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Lichtenstein from 15th June.
Some of the airports just like Salzburg, Vienna, and Innsbruck airport have limited their operation until 31st May. 

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Bars and Restaurants are opened there but some of the hotels will open from 29th May. Remember, these all bars, restaurants, hotels have kept masks mandatory.

You need to carry a health certificate to make a safe traveling in Austria. If you reach there without any health certificate, then you need to isolate yourself for 14 days. If required, you can avail of the testing facility from Vienna Airport.


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Croatia has availed some broader crossings on some of the routes for limited traffic operation. This country has not still announced for border opening for other tourists. But there are some international and domestic flights are permitted for operation.

If you are planning for Croatia traveling after lockdown then you can get the Parks, shops, outdoor restaurant as opened. Don't forget to carry masks and sanitizer when you will be planning for air travel after a lockdown in European countries.



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If you were planning for Denmark traveling before lockdown, then here is something for you. You may get details about traveling in Denis after 1st June as per the Danish Government. Some of the parks, shops, and some hotels are opened there and public transportation is also opened here.

The government has taken decisions about reopening Cinemas, theatres, and other sports facilities only after 8th June. 


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Maybe this is the dreamland for most of the people. If you are also dreaming to make a France tour after lockdown, then follow me.

Public transportation is running there. The bars and restaurants are to open from June 2 but some of the parks, museums, and beaches will stay as closed till June 1.

Just like Austria you need to carry there a health certificate stating you don't have coronavirus, otherwise, opt for spending at least 14 days in quarantine. 


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Now I will tell you about another breathtaking country in Europe. You can travel there from July as this is announced that the borders of Greece will be reopened from July 1. Some of the direct flights connected with the United Kingdom, are to reopen from 1st June.

The cafes, restaurants, parks, hotels, and cinemas will gradually open throughout the June months. The greatest festivals, gatherings, events may not return this year. 


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Coronavirus outbreak has also badly affected our paradise of the earth - Switzerland. I would like to gladly know you that the border crossings of France, Germany, and Austria will open from 15th June.

Don't forget to carry masks in Switzerland as it is mandatory thereafter lockdown. As per Government advisory, the theaters, Cinemas, skiing resorts, mountain services will open with at least five peoples from 8th of the June. 


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Traveling after Covid-19 is really exciting and almost every person is dreaming about it. You can set your traveling plan for Belgium from 15th June as this country is gradually easing all the lockdown restrictions in Belgium.

Some of the indirect flights from the UK are already in operation. You can visit Belgium cafes, restaurants, and shopping malls after 15th June but you need to carry a mask as protection.  

These are all about the countries in Europe that are easing their Covid-19 restrictions. I hope you will follow all the guidelines and restrictions provided by the European Government when traveling in Europe.

So, make a healthy and budget-friendly plan to Europe for your preferred destination and have a safe journey towards it.

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