Embrace your flaws | No matter what but always love yourself unconditionally

For accepting your flaws whole-heartedly, the most important thing is to learn the art of self- love. And what are flaws, it is just a matter of perception everyone has, what you consider trash in yourself can be another person‘s treasure. One of the biggest traps in which humans fall into again and again is the pursuit of perfection which can be anything like getting bigger muscles, a mind that is free of negative thoughts or starting a new endeavor.

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Sometimes you create your version of yourself that you want to live up to, the way you want to see yourself. You start examining yourself; your flaws, shortcomings and when you get discouraged you begin with torturing yourself.

In this whole process, you forget that when you judge yourself, you reject yourself and pass a message to yourself that I don’t like the way you are, and I’ll only like you if you will change.” The faults are not doing to disappear overnight instead you need to understand that you should love ourselves as you are in this current moment.

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By following some of these simple steps you can easily start maintaining a good relationship with your flaws and will bid a goodbye to the myth of perfection forever.

⦁ Understand that you are not what your thoughts are
The greatest storyteller of the time is your own mind and meanwhile, you forget that these thoughts are created by an egoistic, survival craved mind that is afraid of everything around it. Start separating these stupid thoughts and ask yourself do any of these thoughts serve any good to you or helping you out in any manner? 

⦁ Perceive the flaws in a whole new manner
When you change the way you see your flaws and consider them as neutral which are both good and bad, you change the way you respond to things which in turn change your life for the better.
One who is deaf is not a disability but he/she is more visually aware and observant than most of the people who can hear and see which makes them especially abled. Nothing is completely good or bad in any manner; in fact, everything is perfect in its own way.

⦁ Make yourself aware that perfection is just an illusion
While you are running after the idea of perfection you would have used the same time in exploring more meaningful areas of your life. The day you would understand the perfect vacations, the perfect evening, the perfect holiday experience, or the perfect you none of them mattered but what always mattered was the real you. 
All you need to do is to honor your soul and live legitimately. You need to accept the beauty of imperfection as that is all that exists. Perfection is an illusion and will always be.

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⦁ If you can’t embrace your flaws, forget them 
If you are unable to accept your flaws or imperfections, then the best solution is to forget them. There would have been many moments in your life when you were not dwelling upon your flaws, weren’t thinking about them, living in the moment and felt completely happy. So why can’t you make your every day like this?
If you can’t stop yourself from focusing on your imperfections, then take your mind off by building up enough tactical distraction and you will realize that you can actually live your life despite being full of flaws,  and then soon you will see that either your flaws will be accepted or fade away sooner or later.

⦁ Practice gratitude more often
Gratitude is the key to a positive mindset which in turn will help you to accept yourself for who you are really. To start your every day with positivity create a daily gratitude journal and list all the little things for which you are grateful. This will make you feel happy from inside and will throw away all your fears and self-doubts.

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Try to write the parts that you don’t like about yourself and forgive yourself for every wrong you have done to yourself. 

I hope till this line of the article, you must have realized that perfection is for sure shiny but is nothing substantial. And flaws are something that everybody is having just the way you have! So start celebrating your flaws instead of being ashamed of them. 

Try to appreciate every single thing in you that you disliked or dishonored earlier and then come back to this page and share your experience of how well the journey of self-love, self-acceptance made you feel.

Wish you well for this beautiful path of happiness.

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