Easy and flavorful healthy dishes to make without using fire

Cooking is something that needs a lot of patience, vigilance and skills which makes it an art. Nowadays, you can find many healthy recipes on the internet but everything is not easy as it looks! If you are having a time shortage then it is always better to have some simple recipes. 

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In this scorching heat, it becomes quite difficult to keep yourself in the kitchen and keep on cooking and cooking. Even many college and school competitions require skills to makes dishes without using a stove or oven.

So, here I am with a list of few mouth-watering dishes that can be easily made without using microwave or fire and healthy as well–

- The Pin-wheel Sandwich

This is one of the simplest and mouth-watering dish to try. It tastes very yummy and looks very attractive also. You can change or add the ingredients in the mix as per your choice and taste.

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How to make–

- Moisturize a slice of bread with some water and roll the bread into thin slice.

- Spread a layer of butter and then green chutney on the bread slice.

- In a bowl, mix grated cheese, paneer, chopped green chilies, salt and black pepper. You can even add mayonnaise or any other spread of your choice in the mix.

- Spread the mixture on the bread and then roll the bread slice making a swirl. Cut into smaller pieces and then serve and enjoy!

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- The Pizza Fresca

This simple and easy to make dish is flavorful and something which contains the delicacy of pizza.

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How to make –
- Take a bowl, add smashed garlic cloves and some oil in it and then add chopped tomatoes, sliced onions, basil leaves to it.

- Add some oregano, salt, Italian seasoning and chili flakes in the mixture. Let the mixtures rest for a few minutes.

- Take some pieces of bread and spread the mixture evenly on them.

- Add some grated cheese if you are a cheese lover and enjoy the flavorful pizza Fresca. These raw veggies will add up in your good health.

- The Chocolate Swiss Roll

Who is not a chocolate cake lover here! This one is the safest dish to give a try when you are craving for sweets or chocolates badly. Another lip-smacking ingredient of the dish is paneer.

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How to make–
- Take some bourbon biscuits and grind them into a fine powder.

- Add some water and butter in the powder and make a soft dough. In another bowl, keep the crumbled paneer aside.

- On a butter paper, spread the dough into not so thin sheet, spread the crumbled paneer on it and press lightly.

- Now roll it firmly and as much tightly as you can. Keep it in the refrigerator for 20-25 minutes and then cut it into pieces and enjoy the delightful delicacy.

- The Yogurt Salad

Breaking the monotonous tradition of salads, it is an amazing and healthier dish with some mayonnaise dressing on it.

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How to make-
- First take some thick curd and remove the excess water from it.

- Add chopped veggies like tomatoes, onions, capsicum, boiled sweet corn kernels, cucumber or anything you love.

- Then add oregano, pizza mix, chili flakes, salt and black pepper in the mixture.

- Mix well and your salad is all ready to serve your cravings.

- The Zucchini Noodles in Avocado sauce

Healthier and tummy-filling dish it is. It can be well-served at lunch. The dish is very easy to make and looks sophisticated as well.

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How to make-
- In a blender, blend lemon juice, avocado, water in a smooth paste, add basil leaves in the blender if available.

- Combine the ready to use noodles with the sauce, sprinkle salt and pepper as per the taste and enjoy the taste.

- Avocado has many health benefits like it lowers cholesterol, is loaded with fiber and many more.

- The Cornflakes Bhel

This delicious snack needs minimum ingredients and does not require much effort. No special expertise or skills required to make this healthy and tasty snack.

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How to make-
- In a bowl take corn flakes, add chopped onions, tomatoes, green chili.

- In this mixture, add some chaat masala, lemon juice, salt, bhujia and tamarind chutney.

- Sprinkle coriander leaves and relish it.

- The Coffee Barfi 

This mouth-watering dish is a very simple recipe that doesn’t require much effort or ingredients.  Other than being good in taste, coffee helps in cutting the pain, reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, etc.

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How to make-
- Take 100gm of powdered biscuits, 150gm condensed milk and 25-30 gm of butter.

- Beat the ingredients into a fine mixture and transfer it in a bowl. Refrigerate it for an hour.

- In another bowl, mix coffee powder, milk and butter and beat well. Spread it on the above mixture which you kept in the refrigerator earlier and put back in the refrigerator for another hour.

- Top with tutti fruity or almonds and enjoy the yummy sweet.

The best thing about the above shared recipes is they all are healthy, easy, quick to make and can be made whenever needed. Try these simple, hassle-free recipes and improve your cooking skills with no risks attached to them.

Enjoy it!

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