Authentic Essential Oils one must have for better health

Essential oils contribute significantly to your daily health science mechanism, and it’s a fact as Egyptians and Greeks included them in their lifestyles as well. Essential oils are also used as alternative medicines for plants that help in plant extracts for supporting health and well-being and of course they are well used in aromatherapy.

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And most often I think that if one has a first aid kit in their home than they must have a box full of essential oils in their house as well for being healthier as a healthy skin represents the healthy you. Essential oils are not meant to swallow; they can be applied directly to your skin or can be inhaled with proper knowledge and advice

Before rushing to the market for buying them, first, get yourself updated about them and the health benefits associated with them. Go on and read:

• The Rose:

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The Rose essential oil is used as an antidepressant and it is commonly known as the Queen of Essential Oils. After a hectic day or stressing situation you can use this amazing oil to reduce the stress and feel fresh and livelier again.

• The Peppermint:

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If you have frequent stomach aches, then this essential oil is made for you. When you have craving for your favorite food next time and stomach starts yelling big no, then first treat yourself with your favorite delicacy and then with this soothing lavender essential oil massage session.

• The Chamomile:

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This one is basically, skin oil which is used in treating in almost all type of skin problems like dry skin, eczema, dermatitis, bee and wasp stings and cuts. It also helps in treating indigestion and also improves sleep quality. And if you are a travelholic, then it’s a must keep for you!

• The Lavender: 

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This is the best stress buster and it serves all your purpose, be it be anything from acne, skin rashes, insect bites to burns. This one is also a favorite of those who love aromatherapy. It relieves depression anxiety, insomnia and also enhances relaxation. You can also try some home remedies to fight acne.

 • The Lemon: 

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This is a keeper for all the homemakers. It helps in reducing stress, boosting mood promotes weight loss, relieves your pain and have many other health benefits.

• The Eucalyptus:

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If you are suffering from any bad flu, then this scented essential oil is definitely a heaven for you. It helps in comforting you from respiratory problems and relieves you from the pain.

• The Grapefruit:

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If you are a fragrance lover and currently out of deodorants, then there is nothing to worry about. What you need to do is just add a drop of grapefruit essential oil in baking soda and water, and apply it using the cotton balls and you are all set to use your instant deodorants.

 The Tea Tree:

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The true name of tea tree essential oil can be “A medicine cabinet in a bottle “and this implies that without any doubt it is one of the best and loved essential oil. This essential oil helps in curing almost all kinds of ailments.

• The Clove:

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It is a teeth savior and a personal dentist who is available 24 hours for you at your home. It can help you in curing your toothaches, gum sores, and all those issues that arise from having those sweet savories that your sweet tooth crave for and finally not brushing your teeth.

The complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) section has come to the limelight in the past few decades and the essential oils are an important part of it. But make sure whenever you apply an essential oil, never forget to use a carrier oil for it.

Do a patch test before using them or take some expert's advice or your personal health specialist. Give yourself a try and find the best and the right one for you and be a better you!

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