10 essential things you should carry while traveling the world

Hey buddies! Excited for your upcoming trip? So girls, most probably you are packing all of your make up items and boys, maybe you are busy too for packing your hair gels, trimmer and etc? Wait wait. Here's something for you.

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Before you get your luggage fully packed, know about the essential things that you should carry while traveling around the world.

After so many researches and of course after so much traveling, we have shortlisted some of the most essential things that may make your journey quite easy and comfortable. Here the things are: 

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A passport is necessary for traveling because it is used to verify identity and nationality. You cannot go too far without this passport. So keep your passport with all of your necessary documents just like identity cards and others in your luggage and make a hassle-free journey. 

It may depend on the airline, still, it is suggested to carry your passport while traveling. But make sure to check its validity before you get it bagged. 


EU adapters 

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Forgetting about EU adapters may bring a bi9g expense for you while world tour. Don't be silly. Pack EU adapters or travel adapter in your luggage while traveling the world. It will help you to charge your all personal accessories such as mobile phones, laptops, music players, cameras, power banks and etc.



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These are other most essential things while traveling. Sometimes, you may need to walk a lot during your tour. In that case, a pair of soft socks will help your feet from rubbing against your shoe.

If the destination is cold, then you may pick thick socks but if the destination is hot, then pick a suitable material that is summer-friendly. Before putting your feet into socks, apply some powder there. It will help you to keep your feet sweat and odor-free. 


Portable phone charge


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This is another important thing that you must keep with you while traveling outside. Most of the people forget to pack such an important thing. Make it packed in a safe place of your travel bag, so that you can get it in your hand when you will need it.

But remember to carry it when you return also. Don't think too much. Just put your phone charger as well as the power bank in your bag right now.



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Do you know the most famous photographs and the notable moments from the history were made with a camera? Yes that's true. Some of the mobile phones may offer you good quality photos just like a camera. But remember, the quality of the photo depends on your mobile's autofocus, image stabilization, exposure and etc. Consider all of the important things and choose what will be good for you.

First aid kit and medicine

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Going for any trekking based trip? Then don't forget to carry to first aid kit along with you. Not only trekking based trips, but you may also need it for every type of trip. But a first aid kit online and pack it with your bag. Take another medicine bag in your luggage and fill it with some of the common medicines such as painkillers, paracetamol, antiseptic cream, anti-allergy drugs and etc. If you have any certain health problems, then medicine is one of the most important items for you.


Portable water purifier

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You cannot get purified water everywhere especially when you are out of your hotel and your stomach may get upset. So Please don't take any risk. Carry a portable water purifier along with you so that you can easily avoid street water. 

Buy a Portable water filter online or you can also go for water purifying tablets to keep you safe from inside. 

Seasonal protection

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There are so many rain protection for your traveling such as a raincoat, an umbrella, a waterproof mac and etc. Even if you are not going in the rainy season, still you should carry these items because the weather forecast can't be predictable all the time. For the summer season, you must pack all the summer-friendly items such as sunscreen, sunglasses and etc. Whatever the season may be deodorant is a must item for your traveling.

Going out shoes


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 You may pack trainers or boots for most of the places and it can save spaces in your luggage. Along with that don't forget to take a pair of converse, biker boots, vans and etc because you can easily wear them during day and night. If you are expecting something little fancier in your trip, then pick one of your favorite heels but please don't tell anyone about that. I also used to do it.


·         Headlamp


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Planning to explore caves in Vietnam or dreaming to stay in Bali hotel? For that if there is any voltage cut out or load shedding, then a headlamp can be a life-saver item for you. Some of the headlamps come with beam focusing and adjustment options and if you are planning for night trekking through the outback, then it can be ideal for you. Check different types of headlamps online and choose the best one for your journey.

So, these are some of the essential items that you should carry while traveling the world. Other than this, you can also carry under-water cameras, flip flop sandals, contact lenses, reusable coffee cups and essential clothing. Packed everything in your bag? So why late? 

Let's go!!

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