Work from home - A new fashion rule added

The best rule for dress code while doing work is 'Self Rule'. And in 2020, while the world is fighting against COVID-19 and you have to stay at home and work from home only, you have a great opportunity to get dressed as you like. Some amazing ideas are getting viral and people are making their own trend. Twitter and Instagram are flooded with pictures of outfit wore by IT employees with hashtags #wfh and #wfhfits. Comment which one is your style.

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Here an amazing post shared shows you can half formal half casual. Video conference on skype or zoom only covers the top of your body, then why to wear trousers. You can go in shorts.

In-office you have to follow some rules of dress code but this is your home, you can wear it if you want and if you don't it is absolutely OK. Like @Katy is working in the only top without pants as she can't handle the tantrums of her lower.

Few fitness freaks have a great opportunity to show their abs. Matus Valent from California is going topless and cool trousers. See how amazing it is, Work comfortably and attract bae at the same time. 

Again the best example of working and relaxing in the same go. @Ale28chr is enjoying the beautiful day, relaxing and working in the chaos. Isn't it great when you don't require to freshen up and can work in pajamas?

As the uncertainty of coronavirus pandemic is increasing, the internet is trying hard to calm down the situation with humorous challenges, viral videos, trending recipes like Dalgona Coffee and much more. You can also enjoy and try to do the most effective things you can do while being in quarantine. 

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