Woman- A pain bearing being

Like every other boy a girl is born on earth every second and with her is born a Pain
A pain she carries all along which doesn’t cease until her death

It starts when she is looked down upon by society, the moment she comes out of a womb she sees sadness as the first and the only expression on people’s face around

With this broken heart she further learns to walk steps with few holding her hand in support
She being a child looks through showpiece glasses for toys of her dream profession, a dream of being an astronaut , a dream of being a soldier
Instead she is provided with toys of glasses, mugs and kitchenware

She is put into school with expectations to be literate enough to read and write but not to raise voice against her might

She looks upon people of value and respect with her bright eyes.
To motivate herself for a change.
To be a change of the society.
But her dreams come crashing down when she is asked to hold a ladle in her hand and told that this is her reality

She accepts it. She accepts it because she is a girl. 
Being a girl is the second name of compromise

She grows up to partner and live with a person despite her opinion of choices.
She tries to seek love in the marriage but is told to seek peace with family first

She notices a sudden change in phases of her life from being taken care by parents, to now taking care a family outnumbering her ability

Before anything she could think of initiating her new life with she is asked to bear the hardest pain of her life as if she hasn’t given all of her yet
She is asked to bear new lives
She is asked to bear children

She is unable to comprehend from how being a child to now taking care of children has come all along in a short span of time

She accepts it. She accepts it because she is a woman.
Being a woman is the second name of acceptance without questioning

She is ready to bear pain. She goes through all the emotional and physical ups and downs till she is ready to be called a Mother. 
A mother on whom men of all ages don’t forget to mention the definition of selfless love.

As a mother she accepts her fate, she accepts her agony, she accepts the happiness in exchange of pain. 
She accepts a new phase of life of - Being a Mother.

From waking up early in the morning to having left over dinner on a plate is what runs in loop for her in next 30 years.
She is constantly asked to maintain a perfect level of saltiness in food, well mixed spices in curry, a properly churned butter of breakfast.

A mother never says no to the happiness on her child’s face who she nurtures to her best ability despite any suffering.

She accepts this pain. She accepts it because she is a mother. 
Being a mother is the second name of bearing endless pain.

Decades come and go. With this goes the time she could have asked for more from her life.
She is too old now to stand with all strength to prepare food for her family.

She succumbs to inability to serve her family anymore. She kneels down in front of time as she can no longer see happiness on her child’s face in exchange of the  pain she used to bear all along.

She thinks all of this agony in her mind without expressing them, yet she hardly receives any love from around

When heaven calls her she is cremated beneath the earth and with it is buried all of her Pain.
The Pain she was born with.

She finally sleeps in silence with a momentary smile that she could be of help to her loved ones.

She was a girl. She was a woman. 
She was a mother who never saw the world around. She was all along family bound
Yet protected her family from all the pain until she got mixed with the ground.

In the wake of realization, we are no more going to bear all this pain anymore
We will love, we will care, we will sacrifice until and unless its worth it. 

- Shruti Bhatt

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