Top 7 ingenious ideas to celebrate Mother's Day this quarantine

For every mom out there the best gift is her child and when her child is doing something special for her she always feels proud, happy and loved. Mother's day is near but we all are in quarantine. Then how we will celebrate 😕 ? Don't worry, that's why we are here.

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Despite all the happy memories of previous years of mother's day celebrations, this year is quite different because of the COVID-19 lockdown. But still, there are a lot of things you can do to make her day special with your efforts and the ingredients present in your kitchen. 

So here is a list you can do to make your mom feel special - #Mom'sDay celebration:

1. Bed tea and breakfast

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All mothers need love and attention from their children. So, with the morning bliss, start her day with bed tea and breakfast of her choice. If your mom likes cold coffee then you can try the trending Dalgona or Kori Kohi coffeeYou can write a short note of Happy mother's day mom or lucky to have you or you are the best mom or 3-4 words that express your feeling best. You will definitely notice a smile on her face after reading your note. 

2. Bake a cake

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A cake is a great idea for every celebration and you can bake it with the ingredients in your kitchen. You can go with the easy recipes available on youtube. Treat your mom like a queen and make a cake of her choice.

3. Express feelings with E-card

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If you want to present something different to your mom, then E-cards will be the best option. You can contact Caricature Artist -
ShrinenArts via DM and order. Gift her the best memory of your lives in caricature style. A different, unique, and special one.

4. Express feelings through a letter 

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If you are good at writing your thoughts and feelings then writing a letter will be the best option. You can write in the form of a poem or the stepwise step story from childhood to now. Write your feelings, best memories you spent, appreciate your mother's support and sacrifice for you. I'll bet this will be the best and memorable gift for her. 

5. Put some efforts to make a card

Put some effort and design a beautiful card for her. You just need a color set and colorful papers. If you are a student then you must have these things. It will show how much you really love her. 

6. Bouquet of fresh flowers

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Flowers always freshen the mood and handmade bouquet will really make her happy. Fresh flowers or good luck plants is the best way to wish her mother's day. 

7. Makeup pouch

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If you can manage to buy or order makeup items and are aware of your mother's choice then you can give her a makeup pouch containing lipstick, bangles, compact, bb cream, etc. 

8. Surprise dinner

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With the help of your dad and siblings, you can plan a dinner that has her favorite dishes. You can try some smashing drinks in the starter also. It will surely surprise her the most. If you don't know how to cook then google or youtube it.

So here's the list of ideas you can do at home and celebrate Mother's Day. You can also watch a movie on Netflix after dinner or can play an interesting game with family and enjoy the time together. You can also go for an instant digital gift for her.

If you have more suggestions, please let us know in the comment box.
Stay Safe, Stay Home.

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