Top 4 social media challenges during COVID-19 quarantine gone viral

COVID-19 has caused storms all over the world and made us stay at home. We all are in isolation and quarantine becomes the new standard. People are finding their own ideas to contend with the situation. Some are trying the new viral cafe styled recipes like Dalgona coffee, brownies, Kori kohi iced coffee, cakes, etc, some are becoming the binge watcher and completing all the web series. People following suit are taking Instagram and TikTok challenges and tagging their friends to meet the challenge.

Among the latest social media trends following are the trending challenges of the quarantine. 

1. Pillow Challenge

With more than 2 lakhs tag #pillowchallenge is trending on Instagram and attracted the attention from all over the world. From celebrities to common people all are taking their pictures by wearing a pillow as a dress and posting it on Instagram. It may sound weird but yes people are enjoying and challenging their friends. I think this post will win your heart and challenge too.

2. Flip the switch challenge

#fliptheswitch started from the TikTok. It involves 2 people, who change their outfits instantly on drake's song. Both standing in front of the mirror, the first person holds the phone and shoots the video of the second who dances and instantly they switch their positions. Jennifer Lopez, Sameera Reddy are the big names who took the challenge. Jennifer’s accepting the challenge has more than 5M views.

3. Until tomorrow challenge

With more than 154k views on insta, #untiltomorrow is quite hard to avoid and accept also. If you find any post of your friend with the caption ‘until tomorrow’ and nothing is written with that and if you like that post, then you become a part of the challenge. Now you’ll get a message of the instructions that says you have to post your most embarrassing photo for the next 24 hours with the same caption and continue the chain.

4. Savage Challenge

The rising rapper of America, Megan Thee Stallion started her #savagechallenge. Now the celebrities from Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber to Normani and Janet Jackson are dancing on the same song. The challenge is gone viral and has more than 1 lakh post.

If you are also crazy about social media then you must be aware of these challenges. Comment below which you are going to take and tag your friends to do the same and keep yourself occupied. Stay Safe.

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