Birthday falling in quarantine? Tips to make it memorable while maintaining social distancing

Birthday is and will always be a special occasion for everyone. Not only it marks the passing of another beautiful year with all the happiness but it is one of the best occasions to gather family and friends for all the fancy dining and crazy fun together.

Of course, this year it is quite different! Coronavirus is becoming a party spoiler for all those whose birthday happened to fall in this pandemic period. 

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But that doesn’t mean, just because you are in quarantine, you stop celebrating birthdays or you can’t treat them or yourself. I mean, it's the big day, so one can do whatever they want but yes, this time in a social-distancing style!

Sadly, you may not be able to throw the grand party you had planned, but there's no reason to skip the occasion. You can still celebrate it from home, with a little more creativity! If the birthday is of your partner you can try some dating ideas at home.

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If you or someone you love has a birthday coming up amid this pandemic, celebrate the special day a little differently this year. 

Don’t worry, here is a list of some awesome ideas for having an extra fun-filled, memorable Coronavirus birthday celebration –

⦁ Decorate the house to start the special day

Let the birthday cheer begin! 
Make yourself or your loved one be cheered with the beautiful decor around with beautiful decoration in the house with balloons, streamers, and big birthday signs.

⦁ Gift them something handmade

Who doesn’t love gifts! And when you can’t but one for your beloved, gift them something handmade which is going to make them feel even more loved. It can be anything like a photobook, wall-hanging, anything that you can make and you can learn it online – this is a digital era, you will find a solution to your every problem in seconds.

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If you are not able to make something handmade, here are some pro tips for gifts-
  • Movies/streaming subscriptions     
  • Board games
  • Flowers/ Bouquet
  • E-books
  • iTunes or entertainment gift cards
  • Online shopping vouchers

⦁ Host a virtual party

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Invite all your friends, family members, near and dear ones online and set the time for the virtual happy hour. Zoom is the best app for this virtual party as it has the best video quality and you can see the face of all guests in the grid view clearly. 
Make it more special by asking the guest to join the happy hour a few minutes before the birthday VIP and sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY together when he/she joins.

⦁ Make every hour of the special day full of surprises     

Make use of this quarantine period, and make the most out of it. Use your time to make the birthday boy/girl feel extra special by giving them small surprises every hour.

⦁ Bake a cake

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Choose the favorite sweet treat, and bake it (if you don’t know, then learn it!).
Or you can also choose a bakery or restaurant in your city which is allowed by the government to remain open at this time and get something more than expectation! You can also try the trending Dalgona Coffee.

⦁ Make a “happy birthday video” mishmash

Make the birthday more interesting and more interactive. Ask family and friends to record their birthday wishes and use some online app to put them together and show it to the birthday VIP in your choice of an hour and it will bring definitely bring joy to them. 

⦁ Prepare the favorite birthday meals 

It can be whatever as per the likes and what the taste buds are demanding!
Choose your mealtime and cook accordingly and make them feel like they got the best dishes in their fav restaurants.

⦁ Get your neighbors involved

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Invite your awesome neighbors to join the virtual party in person with you, but make sure they been safely quarantining for weeks alongside you and maintaining the social distancing as well.
Sanitize them when they enter your house and yourself as well after getting in touch with them.

The COVID-19 has caused a lot of chaos, uncertainty, distress around the globe but don’t let your special birthday be gone like this. Make it the time to realize what actually matters in life and whatever is happening around you, you still have what you need – your loved ones near you. 
Do creative things and don't let this lockdown a boredom for your kids.

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