Stay creative as a Family! Don’t let this COVID-19 Lockdown a boredom for your kids

One good thing about this COVID-19 Lockdown is that you can spend a lot of time together with your family, doing all the craziness which you always wanted and missed to do with your kids and partner. Schools closed, no outings allowed, no friends allowed to visit us and this is how kids are getting bored and missing all the fun they used to have during their regular schedule.

So, why not turn this boredom into some fun, changing their study room into their creative learning space which will add colors to their monotonous quarantine period.

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Before sharing the ideas, here are certain tips for the parents which can keep their child more indulged in the things which they are going to do with them –

⦁ Limit their as well as your screen time, the use of gadgets is obviously increasing due to increased free time but make sure to keep it in a line.

⦁ Let them communicate with their friends frequently, not daily but once or twice in a week so that they find themselves connected other than you and of course someone of their age group.

⦁ Do not lose your temper, as while sharing more time together you will figure out many new aspects of your child’s behavior but you need to keep calm and understand that this is a transforming time for them as well.

⦁ Give them a sense of responsibility, let them take control of what they like to do as this will make them feel self-dependent and soon after getting bored of their activities they will get back to you for your ideas with much more enthusiasm.

Follow a routine to make your child feel easier, this could be the best way to keep anxiety away and will make the kid feel safer and much more relaxed like while they used to follow their regular school schedules before this lockdown.

With the help of these few tips, you can keep a good bond with your child as in today’s scenario being a friend to your kid is way better than just be a parent to them.

Here is a list of few activities which you can include in your family’s daily roster-

  1. Learn, Practice and Teach Yoga: Along with the fun, health is also an important aspect for everyone in this period. So it is the best opportunity to teach your child the importance of practicing Yoga for having a strong immunity and good health.

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    2. Have a cooking session daily: In this quarantine period, turn your little naughty kids into little chefs by teaching them simple dishes that they can cook for themselves later on.
    3. Shape out some family time together: Family bonding is way more important than anything else and when you are getting a chance to spend some quality time with your loved ones(all thanks to coronavirus…hahahahah!!!), than why not to use it in letting know your kid the things and stories about you and also knowing the various things which he/she always wanted to share with you but missed due to your busy schedules.
    4. Share the screens with each other: Limiting the screen time is important, but it is also essential to make them learn the right use of technology. Tell them about different educational apps, toys which can be a good source for them to learn something new or to sort their queries till the schools are reopened.
    5. Do Art and Craft with them: Learn something from your kids and let them learn something from you, it will just not only help you in passing the time but will also let you know about the hidden talents of your child and who knows yours as well!! 
      Start with simple and easy craft things and help them to brush up their skills and sharpen their mind.

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    6. Make them plant a new tree and ask them to water it regularly: This will make them understand the benefits and importance of plants practically and it will also develop a sense of attachment with them as well.
    7. Watch movies together at your home: Once in a week, watch a movie with them. Ask them to prepare a list of movies they want to watch and select from your own bucket as well. This will keep them thrilled about the movie day.

    These are just a few things which you can do with your little ones and can make them understand that being quarantined doesn’t mean bored only! It can be fun also. You can try many effective things to do in this quarantine. Help them grow! Stay quarantined, stay safe and stay creative.

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